Drama - To Whose Authority Do You Submit?

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  • under_believer

    A MUSICAL! Now there's an idea.

    Sung to the tune of The Surrey With The Fringe On Top:

    Moms and dads and kids gonna scurry
    When we ring their bell in a hurry,
    When we ring their bell in a hurry with our service bags!
    Four door cars are nice for our service,
    Suit and tie for Witness reservists,
    Sellin' studies to the worldly people, theocratic mags!
    We love Jehovah, and we never sin,
    We love the organization,
    We're happier now that we've ever been,
    Strong in determination!

  • Fleshybirdfodder

    U_B, LOL!!!!

    A chorus line with fake beards and bad make-up.... that might actually make me want to attend one last time.

  • Leolaia

    Go listen for yourself. Have a puke bag somewhere nearby handy....YOU WILL NEED IT!!:

    2005 District Convention - DRAMA - Pursue Goals That Honor God.wma

  • Poztate
    The problem is that, by coincidence, I will be enjoying five days off work. Do I really, really want to SQUANDER my five day weekend making a recording for everyone????

    I wouldn't squander 5 minutes...five seconds we all know what the final answer is...DO MORE and NEVER QUESTION US

    I can’t believe they would go so far and make up a story that is in no way indicated in scriptures (not even their twisted NWT)! Let alone make it a drama at the DC.

    Yep.....They did it...What a suprise

  • freetosee

    Thanks Leolaia, I listening to it just now. It’s amazing how they put all the WT interests, biases and fears into the drama and make the early Christians frequently use of the name ‘Jehovah’. They sound just like the ‘true Christians’ today.

    Here are some of my notes:

    • Have a simple life and beware of higher education!
    • Don’t let peer pressure and material gain distract you!
    • Make yourself available to do more!
    • Jehovah will provide! Serve God (WTS) more fully!
    • The Paul (WTS) sees more in you then you do in yourself!
    • “Thanks to Jehovah I am rich; I have received the best education anyone can have!”
    • Don’t listen to family and friends!
    • Get a firm hold on the real life!?
    • This was the best part: Paul “a bitter old man alone with his thoughts, stubbornly clinging to the course he chose decades ago. It’s plain to see, Paul is out of touch with reality. Could it be that Paul promotes his personal idea? Paul admonished husbands and wives, yet what does a man with no wife nor children know about family responsibility? He teaches his own warped believes, not the commands of God!” (They are not talking about the GB are they?)
    • Beware of rebels who will eventually be put out of the congregation.

    I was waiting for them to let Paul and Timothy write or speak to the governing body in

    Poz, I guess we don’t see things as clearly as you do. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.


  • Lo-ru-hamah

    Sounds like another 24 total hours of brainwashing again.

    I wish that I could go and try some of the little tricks there that some of you have mentioned on this board. Like cussing during the songs that would be a blast but just can't drag myself to listed to that nonsensical dribble.


  • Lo-ru-hamah

    Oh yes, last years drama was wretched. They presented that situation like it was fact and they made the college guys wife seem like a horrible shrew. Really really sad attempt at fictional writing if you ask me.


  • LDH

    This is a recycled drama from 1988.


    At least come up with some new SHIT Class

  • blondie

    Actually, a drama based on 1 Kings 13 was done in 1974 at the DC.


    w74 10/15 pp. 638-639 Growing in Appreciation for the "Divine Purpose" ***

    The short, half-hour drama emphasized that we should listen only to proper authority—Jehovah God and his duly appointed representatives. It was based upon the happenings related in 1 Kings chapter 13.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Hello Everyone,

    I attended last years convention and sat through that drama on TImothy! I was disgusted that the whole thing was just made up. And was presented as if it really happened in the Bible. It made my husband and I very upset! How many would walk away from there looking down on those going to school because Timothy turned down his opportunity. I am glad that was my last drama!!


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