Something strange about "Christs invisible presence"...

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  • Liberty II
    Liberty II

    You hit the nail right on the head Hellrider. This is yet another example of the nonsensical JW cosmology that even with the slightest application of logic will cause the Watch Tower's "Bible Truths" to evaporate like Vodka on a hot griddle. It is so clear that 1914 is a made up date for the start of Christ's invisible rule and this becomes ever more laughable with every year that goes by. At one time it may have been possible to buy that it took 20 years to prepare for the big A, or even 40 years, but 92+ years? It has just gotten silly and like you said, what does he do all day? Why in the world would you come this far in advance just to be invisible and direct a patheticly small and presumptious bunch of false alarmists for 92 years who keep making stuff up that has to be revised all the time as it is proven to be WRONG over and over again. All their timelines and "special" knowledge is proven by the passage of time to be utter gibberish turning off the majority of potential converts who still have half a brain.

    Jesus must be one of the worst leaders in history for specially chosing the bumblers of the Watch Tower Society to manage his earthly affairs as they have made a complete mess of things and can't even get their own enternal authority lines straight. Fred Franz who believed himself to be a special teacher who took the lead in creating most of what JWs believe today made up the concept that the living remainder of the 144,000 directed the Society yet at the same time he believed that only a few select leaders would be chosen to take the lead...a complete contradiction of his own design and at the very least dishonest to the rank & file who were told one thing while the leadership believed and practiced another. The fact that the entire belief system of the Watch Tower Society has changed drastically during Christ's suppossed presence should be enough to make a sane person ask, "what the hell is he doing changing everything around and getting everything wrong?" The excuse of human imperfection just doesn't wash if Christ is supervising, what would be the point if he just lets HIS organization bumble along on it's own with incompetants running the show without his correction. If I am in charge of a bunch of mentally handicapped folks out on a field trip it is my job to guide and protect them from harm so I don't just let them stumble into man holes or walk out in traffic so they can "learn" on their own by making mistakes yet this is exactly what the Watch Tower expects us to believe about Christ's rule in these "critical Last Days" which stretch ever on for nearly 100 years now. Complete nonsense!

  • jschwehm

    The interesting thing is that I find that many JWs who go from door to door are not aware of the "invisible presence" teaching or at least they cannot defend it nor explain it very well.

    Jeff S.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    The invisible presence of Christ dogma is the by-product of the Watchtowers exclusive interpretation of the return of Christ. The idea actually is in total contradiction to the way that Jesus said he would return, but the average JW dosn't realize this unless you point out the obvious facts that:
    -Jesus coming, presence, and return are the same thing. He will come at a day and hour nobody knows and not even his own disciples will realize it.
    of course at this point the WTS will say that of course we don't know the day or hour but that we do know that it is close because certain 'signs' point the the fact that it is. To this rebuttle is a simple point of reasoning.
    -Jesus is either going to come with 'signs', visible indicators that the 'end is near' that the 'due time has approached' OR HE IS NOT!!! Think about this logically. Witnesses teach that Jesus return (acutally they don't even really point to the fact that it is Jesus returning but instead refer to it more often as Jehovahs Day) will be preceded by the following
    1. Wars
    2. Reports of Wars
    3. Earthquakes
    4. Pestilance
    5. Famine
    6. An increase in lawlessness
    7. Watchtowers preaching of the good news
    8. Ban on all religion
    9. Destruction of all religions but JWs
    10. World will turn on JWs
    11. FINALLY End will come
    Don't worry, I'm sure I forgot more stuff that is supposed to happen. Anyway think about this. If ALL THESE THINGS MUST HAPPEN RIGHT UP UNTILL CHRIST RETURNS WHAT IN THE HECK IS THE SUPRISE! WHERE IS THE COMING OF CHRIST AS A THEIF?!?!
    The fact that the Society teachings that ALL of these things MUST happen before Jesus returns and at the same time teaches that we don't know the day or hour is a joke. Either Jesus will come as a theif with NO WARNING at all or he comes blasting a horn for 100+ years after he has allready come but is not visible. What lunacy.

  • RubaDub

    Either Jesus will come as a theif with NO WARNING at all or he comes blasting a horn for 100+ years after he has allready come but is not visible. What lunacy.

    Drew ...

    Maybe the blowing of the horns in Cedar Point Ohio in 1922 had something to do with it.

    Rub a Dub

  • truth.ceeker

    Wow, that is really simple to follow and thanks for sharing your viewpoint! I hadn't really looked at it liked that, but since I can now, it makes the teachings of the WTBTS even more preposterous.
    I believe that GOD is not trying to trick us with word riddles and puzzles in order to challenge us so our attempt at learning the truth about him is futile. He wants us to learn about him and do what is right as any father would want their children to do good things and make his heart happy. I know that Jesus taught some of his followers in parables so as to drive a point home, but his audience were simple people, unlearned, and not of the educated status of those of the Pharisee and Sadducees. His teachings should not be overly burdensome to us.
    For example look at the ten commandments, they were spelled out very simply and many of the laws of Moses' time were clearly spelled out, like Don't do this or Don't do that. Even Jesus, when asked which of the laws were the most important, replied

    Mat 22:36

    Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?

    Mat 22:37

    And Jesus said to him, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind." Deut. 6:5

    Mat 22:38

    This is the first and great commandment.

    Mat 22:39

    And the second is like it: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Lev. 19:18

    Mat 22:40

    On these two commandments all the Law and the Prophets hang.

    Why is it that the WTBTS is so adamant about trying to prove certain words should be this or that when they miss the principle of the matter. I think they may have had good intentions at one time, but as with many earthly things of man, they are soon corrupted and now have no resemblance to what the original idea was. two cents..

  • Leolaia

    I had the same question and this is my tentative answer:

    Notice the last sentence.

  • ackack

    Oh GREAT! Did you guys scare off Jesus with your horn again! God, now he'll never come!


  • Terry

    What has Jesus been doing since 1914??? Not much.

    He is directing the Watchtower Society to print magazines that contain errors.

    The goats he separated from the sheep have had to be put back in with the sheep because of policy changes.

    Stray sheep have been ostracized and turned into lamb stew.

    The war to end all wars (WWI) has been followed by WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, and the Cold one. (No need to mention the war on terror.)

    There have been earthquakes, famine, disease and a lot of marrying and eating at fine restaurants.

    1925 came and went without any Ancient Worthies moving in to the residence at Beth Sarim.

    The world got so dangerous in 1975 nobody noticed it.

    The generation that saw all the signs and wonders has been dropping dead like flies.

    Brothers and Sisters who use to serve Jehovah and reverence Jesus now know it is the Governing Body who calls the shots and Jesus is only "a" god with a widdle "g".

    The preaching work has been so successful that not one person in a hundred can give a coherent answer to what Jehovah's Witnesses actually believe.

    Hundreds of books printed by the Watchtower Society have begun with the stale Adam and Eve story and thousands of JW's have nodded off at meetings hearing it all for the umpteenth time.

    The end has been "near" but, the answer "to what" needs shaping up a bit.

    Jesus use to be clean shaven, but, now has a beard like Christendom said he did.

    The Superior Authorities use to be Jesus and Jehovah, but, now they are the earthly governments just like Christendom said they were.

    All in all, as CEO of the hottest most wonderful government ever known to mankind (albeit invisible) Jesus hasn't had a hit since WWI and is turning into the biggest disappointment since Milli Vanilli.

    Tsk tsk tsk.


  • james_woods

    Well, they had to provide some kind of story that Christ arrived in 1914...after all, they were caught with this little prophecy on their hands.

    Kind of like my stepkid when he set his friend's front yard on fire with left over firecrackers...

    His mom questions him - Vincent, we told you to get rid of those firecrackers - so where did you get them today? (it was January).

    "Well, mom, I was just riding my bike over to Mikes, and there were these firecrackers laying there in the street..."

    (Mom working hard to keep from laughing -) OK, Vincent, mom believes you. But where did you get the matches?

    "Well, mom, I was just riding my bike a little further, and guess what! There was a box of matches!"

  • the dreamer dreaming
    the dreamer dreaming

    you know, I remember this story, but I think it was called something different originally.... The emporer's new clothes, I think...yeah, thats the ticket...invisible, yeah..

    only those with FAITH can SEE... [read CONvince themselves that what someone SUGGESTED, and caused them to IMAGINE is real].

    how do you KNOW that you have been baptized by the holy spirit? seems to be a very big question among not just JWs... and the answer always seems like a CON job... you will KNOW when you see the fruits of the spirit in your life... which of course makes people wonder if they have it or not as they know they are still not really much different then they were before.... great anxiety over this as people want to FEEL something special and most don't so they must CONvince themselves and many do (^_^)

    how do we KNOW jesus is invisibly present.... well you look at the signs of the times.... which by the way, those in 1870s reading the Watchtower of the day all saw just as clearly as the faithful do now, only their invisible date was 1844.

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