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  • freedomlover

    Hold on everybody....ready for this....

    if you've been reading my posts over the past few months you'd see the research and progress my dad (a former elder) has been making.

    He and my stepmom were visiting us this weekend and he told us he's DONE with the JW's. He's at the point where he doesn't know where he'll go from here but he knows he can't stay in. He knows about Malawi, Mexico, UN, and all the blood scandal ( plus tons of other things he's been researching). He and my stepmom will be moving by us soon, and I think they want to fade when they get here. My stepmom is in a tough place. She knows about his research and our changes. She refuses to shun us and she is not stopping any research my dad is doing but she does not want to discuss any of it right now. She told my dad she doesn't know if she can leave it because she's believed it so long. :(

    She is a very loving, emotional person and right now she is not interested in the "facts" or "proof." this is going to have to be something she can deal with when she is emotionally a little more stable. Hopefully we'll be able to help support them as they begin this journey.

    I'm so happy that my dad has reached this bridge. He seems so much more at peace. disturbed and a little lost, but he seems like he's proven things to himself.

    thanks you guys for listening and I'll keep you updated.

    maybe he'll be posting here soon!! :)

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!

    I don't know what else to say. WOW! I am so happy for you. How many years was he a witness?

    Funny how the two of you were basically on the same train, just different cars, huh?

    Sounds like your s-mom will come around with time too.

    Thoughts of happiness are with you tonight.


  • freedomlover

    AK - Jeff

    my dad has been a witness since he was about 19! that's over 30 years!

    thanks for you joy - it adds to mine! :)

  • jwfacts

    That is fantastic and very encouraging to everyone here with family still in.

    As you rightfully point out, your step mother realises she is not in a position to cope emotionally, but that will probably change over time.

  • bythesea

    FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What great news to share with us!!!! I have been following your posts re: your dad and the dilemna he was finding himself in...he's finally crossed a HUGE hurdle...I hope your s-mom will be able to do the same!! It is a scarey thing she's going through, but at least she has you guys and a husband to lean on and help with the transition. I hope the best for them both.

    I'm curious, did he finally read Crisis of Conscious, is that one of the things that tipped the scales for him??

    I don't know if Going Going Gone is able to get internet right now but I know she would share your joy about your father and his I will pass on a big YAHOO!!!! from her also!

    We will be eagerly waiting to hear the rest of their story as things continue to unfold for them both...thanks for sharing, Freedomlover!


  • damselfly

    That's huge news!
    When I first joined I read ITIS posts and wondered if you would ever be here. Then you came and started talking about your Dad and now he is out as well!

    So happy for you to have family on the outside.


  • BecauseImBroken

    Fill me in Freedom, what exactly changed his mind?

  • AuldSoul

    I am sure IThinkISee is even happier that he didn't stop searching, seeding, and trying to reach you. I am so THRILLED for you! I hope I can post a thread like this one someday. I wish so badly that my parents would honestly try to confirm whether GB policy matches GB practice, and whether GB doctrine matches the Bible or history.


  • sf

    Awesome. Another Free Bird...


    I cannot even imagine what it must feel like to shout that outloud.

    But will ya say it again? REAL LOUD THIS TIME!


  • misspeaches

    Big hugs for you and ITIS! That's wonderful news... You must be over the moon. This has made my day!

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