I'm new here.

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  • The

    Hey everyone, as the subject might sugest... im new here! They say first impressions last and i hope i make

    this a good one.

    I've been " lurking " for the past couple of years on and off ... and I've finally musterd up the courage to post!

    I feel this is a big step for me (as many of you can surley understand ) .. Just wanted to make myself known.

    I'm a Baptised active Pubisher... And im starting to question my faith in the society.

    My familly is in the truth my friends are in the truth ... ive recently gone back to the meetings in the last few years after going out into

    the world... I came back because I started reading the bible and felt closer to Jehovah.. But i dont feel my spirituality has improved by attending meetings and going out in the field or studying... infact.. it's gone down! One factor is that i've been having doubts about 1914 and also how the history is usually sugar coated..

    What makes a False prophet?

    Anyway... This is a big step for me and I've had fear to read this stuff at first.. I now think of the scripture " test the inspired expressions"

    My thoughts are muddled at this stage ..


  • Legolas

    Welcome The!

    Congrats at taking the step to join us!

    If you have any questions just ask!

  • jst2laws

    Hello The,

    My thoughts are muddled at this stage

    This is a necessary stage of what you are going through. Many here have been there and sympathize. Just hang on and keep questioning. The answers will come, along with a few more emotions.

    WELCOME TO THE BOARD, as a participator.


  • ballistic
    I've had fear to read this stuff at first

    Hi and welcome... it was a bit strange the first time for most of us, however long out... That is the hold it has over you.

  • misspeaches

    Yay another Aussie! Welcome on board!

    Hey I really feel for you too. Its horrible in that state of confusion... Its like when you begin to open your eyes your little world starts crumbling and you don't know what to do!

    Congratulations on being brave enough to post though. I bet that was really hard for you especially being active and the constant meeting parts about the dangers of the internet.

    Many of us here have been in your exact position and can offer a lot of support, answer your questions and be great listening ears... So don't be afraid to keep on posting.

  • freedomlover

    Hi The-

    what makes a false prophet?

    these were the scriptures I couldn't ignore when I was having doubts. Deut. 18:20-22 - Mark 13:22,23 - 1John 4:1

    You are not wrong to question. even though it's so hard to think about having to leave beliefs you've held your whole life, it's important to face those doubts and questions.

    pray and read your bible with an open mind. you will find the answers you need. be patient.

    glad you decided to introduce yourself. hope you stick around and read and post....


  • IronClaw

    Welcome from good ole New York.

    The Claw

  • Cellist

    Welcome to the board, The

  • serendipity

    Hi The,
    Welcome to the forum!

  • luna2

    Hi, The. Welcome to the board.

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