I'm new here.

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  • The

    Thanks for making me feel welcome guys!

    Im glad I've introduced myself. I just want the truth ... that's all.

    I appreciate your advice.For the time being i will continue " lurking " ..

    I enjoy reading your comments.

    Thanks again!


  • James Free
    James Free


    1914 and also how the history is usually sugar coated

    It's more than that, its altered beyond recognition.

  • diamondblue1974

    Welcome to the forum...I look forward to hearing more from you...


  • Narkissos

    Welcome The,

    Great nickname indeed.

    As you have been "lurking" for some time you must have read a lot of discussions on your questions, so I won't get into that. You may find the "Best of" section interesting too.

    One thing which makes it hard to break mentally free from the WT is that our very words and notions have become a sneaky instrument of constant self-propaganda, which makes any questioning uneasy, almost self-contradicting.

    My familly is in the truth my friends are in the truth ... ive recently gone back to the meetings in the last few years after going out into the world... I came back because I started reading the bible and felt closer to Jehovah.
    Becoming aware of that may help a little.
  • Crumpet

    I just wanted to add my welcome to all the others - good to have you heer and just feel free to lurk or participate, whatever makes you feel comfortable.


  • ellderwho
    I started reading the bible and felt closer to Jehovah..

    I hear ya! Welcome to the forum.

  • deeskis

    Hi "The", you've come to a good place to get some answers and support. I'd recommend that you read Crisis of conscience by Ex Governing Body Member Raymond Franz.

    Welcome to the Forum

    Best wishes


  • ferret

    Hi The and welcome to the board. Keep reading here and have your eyes opened and really learn good from evil. You may find out the real truth.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Hi the!

    Welcome aboard

  • xjwms

    congrats on posting.......I know how you feel.....I was here for a long time before I posted

    Hello and Welcome

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