A fact that debunks the dubs statement of this being ''the last memorial''

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  • Poztate
    The WTS teaches that the UN or elements from the UN will attack Babylon the Great, the worldwide empire of false religion, the start of the great tribulation. That religion will be destroyed except for the WTS and then they will turn then attention to the WTS which will start Armageddon.

    WOW...I have seen the light The WT used to be an"element" of the UN (NGO) They kept picking on all the other religions that were NGO's The POZTATESā„¢ delayed the start of the big "A"by forcing them to resign from the UN-NGO's.If they would have stayed in they could have destoyed all other religions by picking on them. WoW..how lucky we are I got to start going back to meetings......soon

  • IronClaw

    The last memorial according to the WTS should have been observed in 1874/1914. Because that is the year they say Jesus CAME. So my question is why are they still celebrating it??????

    The Claw

  • GodisRight

    I remember when 9/11 happened, the following meeting was PACKED. There were so many inactive and dsf'd people at the kh that night it wasn't funny. It's so crazy that all it takes is a disaster to get the dubs on armageddon alert.

    luv, jojo


  • minimus

    where's oroborus??

  • undercover
    The WTS teaches that the UN or elements from the UN will attack Babylon the Great, the worldwide empire of false religion, the start of the great tribulation.

    So, for this to be the last memorial, the UN would have to muster up forces to fight all the Islamic states of nations and defeat them, wiping out all the "theocratic" governments?

    Like that's gonna happen. Hell, the US can't even find one scrawny, sick terrorist. How's the UN gonna wipe out half of the Middle East? In a year? Three years into Iraq and the country is a f'ing mess.

    And what about the King of the North? Isn't he supposed to overrun the King of the South before the end comes? Is North Korea the next KotN? Are they gonna kick our ass in the next year?

  • heathen

    Gee yah that's a real celebration for ya . ohh no the last one of those , that was the best thing they had going for them . The last time you can touch the holy grail but don't drink from it . The last time you can put on all your fancy dress and pretend to be pious , the last time you get to listen to some stagnant speech on how you aren't worthy because you weren't born before 1935 . OHH no life has no friggen meaning at all now ................................

  • MissBehave

    kitty, for what it's worth I remember that too from growing up...I recall it being planted in my head that governments around the world would "close the doors" on religion. And then the great tribulation would start. Now.... am I remembering that from the platform at the hall? from assemblies? my parents? literature? I don't have a clue. Could it have just been clever propaganda fed to me that led me to that "preception"...sure. But whatever, it was there.

    But I just wanted you to know you aren't alone!!!

  • uninformed

    I know when the end is coming, at least within three days--------------



  • heathen

    yah and next years memorial can be the last one ..... wow that's such a friggen general statement .

    The whore of babylon is devoured by the scarlet beast just before it's own demise . It's possible that all the moslem nations in the UN just up and go after the vatican and try to ban it from membership . We already know that in moslem controlled nations that christianity is banned . The lamb beast is therefore left in charge continuing to project the image of the scarlet beast ( faking it's association with ) .While actually persuing it's own interests and taking control over all the worlds resources and people .

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