Whats your?

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  • anewme

    I hate having to look for a job at my age when I should be retiring from a job and spending time with some grandkids and taking cruises.

    But NO!!!!!

    Thankyou WBTS!

    Just kidding. My whole life course has been all my choice I know it. (Thankyou jerk who pmd me to tell me that)

  • crazyblondeb

    I hate most Missouri drivers. They drive like old people out on a Sunday drive!

  • daystar


    My whole life course has been all my choice I know it.

    We all would like to think so, but it's mostly wishful thinking. We spend most of our lives being strongly influenced by others, especially when being brainwashed by some religious sect or cult.

    When a sect such as the JWs build into their flock such mental structures, one really can't say they have much choice. They're simply running a program. We all were.

    You were a victim. But now that you have broken free and are aware of such a trap, you do have something more akin to free will.

  • mrsjones5

    Just saw this on the news this morning:

    Two guys going through a fast food drive-in get impatience, feel that their order is taking too long. Decide that it would be a good idea to fire off a shot to hurry things along. Actually wait after firing off shot for food. Cops come. Cops discover bags of crack and weed in the car. Can you say Idiots?


  • Brigid

    I have high tolerance levels and am fairly easy going but I have a real problem with the exploitation of other human beings by those in power. I[m not sure if evil exists but if it does, I think this is the one thing that qualifies.


  • lola28


    2.arrogant ppl.

    3.Joan Rivers (she scares the hell out of me)




  • JH

    OK, this bugs me ALOT !!!!!!

    Most of the times, when I take a walk, if a women is coming my way on the same side of the street as me, she will cross over to the other side of the street so that she won't meet me head on. That happens so damn often. Gee, I won't eat her.

    It happened 15 minutes ago, I was walking to my parents house, and a young woman pushing a baby carriage was walking in my direction, and about 150 feet from me, she decides to cross the street, so I did the same a few seconds after, and it showed on her face that she was angry that I crossed the street too.

    I had to cross, because my parents live there. She didn't know that.

    Now I think I'll do the same when I take a walk and I see a women coming on my side of the street, I'll cross over to the other side....

  • daystar

    I'd cross too if I saw a big purple rat walking towards me on my side of the street.

  • Snoozy

    Hey Crazy Blonde....

    I'm old and I live in Missouri and there's nothing you can do about it!

    And I drive like that...

    I'm retired and not in any hurry to get anywhere..

    But I have to admit..when I get behind someone like me..it drives me nuts!..


    ps..Nothing is worse than getting behind a ditsy Blonde... (Just kidding)

  • upside/down


    Pretty much sums me up!


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