IF Jehovah's Witnesses are right...

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  • gumby
    But, I am not afraid they are right. Are you?

    Minimus is....http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/110602/1.ashx

    Sometimes I really wonder if many of us who think we're done for good with the witnesses, have deep in the back of our minds a little question mark. Just a little one.


  • greendawn

    But they can not be right, by now too much came up that shows them to be fake, Ray Franz's book has got enough in it to demolish that notion, what we have here is a bunch of rapacious individuals lusting for power and are above all self interested, the Mexico Malawi contradiction, the occultic associations of Russell and Rutherford, the very unstable and erratic doctrines, it's a joke really.

    I also agree with general, the idea that man has to suffer to prove that his love for God is unselfish is really rotten and also I don't agree with the idea that God tolerated satan's challlenge on His integrity as a Ruler. He only tolerated satanic rule to show that man can't have a decent life under satanic domination.

  • heathen

    Yah really . If serving Jehovah isn't a burden then how come being a j-dub is ? Jesus did say that people that served would be hated and abused on account of his name . If that's not burdensome then I guess I don't know what is . I think there is a difference between serving Jehovah and serving a book publishing corporation that likes to play God.

  • crazyblondeb

    I have no doubt what-so-ever they are as far from right as anyone can get.

    Are they right to cause thousands of useless deaths because of the blood issue?

    Are they right to protect child molesters?

    Are they right to not help these kids, instead of making them feel they are responsible? Thereby screwing the kids' lives up forever?



  • RubaDub

    But they did get the part right about the horns blowing in Cedar Point Ohio in 1922.

    Rub a Dub

  • TresHappy

    Then Jesus and the disciples were counting time 2000 years ago!

  • stevenyc

    ... then I'm a banana !


  • PoppyR
    then I would not want to be part of his scheme and live in his park afterwards Anyway I hate gardening

    Lol at Blues Brother. This is how I feel now, when I get the odd flash of "oh shit, what if it's true".. fortunately they are getting further and further apart! I now realise I dont like this God of the bible, and even if he does exist his treatment of humans is diabolical, and he has always manipulated them with fear and punishment. I dont want to serve him.

    I SO remember that talk about serving God even if Armageddon were not coming, i always thought it was about as true as "his commandments are not burdensome"!!

    Poppy xx

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    If witnesses are living in a spiritual paradise at the Kingdom Hall, then paradise must be a very very very dull place. Just picture an eternity of sitting at boring meetings and assemblies subjected to the same kind of "instruction from Jehovah" that some of us have been listening to for over 40 years already. I think after 1000 years of that I would be praying for the second death!

    Also, think of every annoying, judgemental, self-righteous, pompous JW you ever knew. If witnesses were right we would have to spend eternity with these people! Actually, I'm hoping the Catholics are right and I'm going to keep good company with the sinners in Hell. Look forward to seeing ya there Auld Soul. We'll meet up with tetrapod and sick of lies and have some laughs and some drinks!


  • AuldSoul

    If the Catholics are right, it's a date, cognizant!

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