IF Jehovah's Witnesses are right...

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  • AuldSoul

    ...then Jesus lied about how to identify the false prophets.

    ...then Jesus lied about the sign of his presence and of the conclusion of the system of things.

    ...then the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society disassociated itself from true Christianity through a repeated lack of neutrality.

    ...then I will happily die at Armageddon knowing I stood up against a God who supported a deceitful earthly corporation as his own.

    But, I am not afraid they are right. Are you? If so, why?


  • fullofdoubtnow

    No fear here either.

    If they are right, I'd rather be wrong than go back to them

  • Confession

    Neither am I afraid of them. It's funny isn't it? When you finally look at ALL of the information, the truth becomes clear. But, for awhile, you do feel scared, don't you? From time to time the thought occurs to you...

    "Am I sure about this stuff? I mean, what if they really ARE right after all? I'll be destroyed just like they've said."

    I'm thankful I don't have such lapses anymore. Put simply, any such thoughts are not based on any genuine truths, but instead on years of indoctrination and emotional manipulation.

  • BluesBrother

    Since the penny dropped and I realised

    "Its not true , its just not true, none of it"[ mumbled over and over to myself trying to grasp the enormity of that realization....]

    No . I have never for one moment doubted that it is never going to happen. And as somebody said, If God were really going to slaughter the better part of 6 thousand million people , then I would not want to be part of his scheme and live in his park afterwards Anyway I hate gardening...

  • Seeker4

    I'm absolutely certain the Witnesses are not right. I've no fear of that whatsoever.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Auld Soul:

    You know, my opinion might be different than some..as I really do think Russell had God's spirit as well as Raymond Franz....and probably his buddies who got disfellowshipped.. I think the shake up when Rutherford came in, was God getting the good out of the org..and again, the shakeup in '78, '79..was God again removing the good...(Opposite of what JW's think>LOL)

    So, to me, I think, the Wt is the 'antitype' of the peg of Shebna, the stewart of God... In Is. 22:15 -25, God, completely destroys the peg, because it became arrogant and he gives the stewardship to Eliakim, who I think, antitypically is Jesus.

    I left in Sept...never to return, because I think that God's spirit has completely left the WT and has now completely, become the 'evil slave' in Math. 24.

    And to me, if any ONE individual is the 'faithful and discreet' slave it would be Raymond Franz.. But it may be one of many...

  • general

    How I always remember having that one question lurking in the back of my mind when I thought about leaving the organization in my middle teens " what if Jehovah's Witnesses are right?" I never left in my middle teens because the fear that the Organization's patsy's had inculcated in me about dying at Armegeddon was just too strong. I remember that if I ever questioned, did something that elder's didn't like, or agitated one of the old-timers at the Kingdom Hall the conversations with these people would convienently turn to talk of Armeggedon and what type of people Jehovah would destroy, all the meanwhile, there would be nuances in their statements that the type of person Jehovah would destroy was me!! Seriously, the PO in my first kingdom hall always threatened me with death and destruction at the hands of Jehovah if I "grossly misbehaved." His definition of gross misbehavior was questioning things, doing worldy organized sports, having friends at school, being a nusiance out in field service, talking back to my parents, and such. NOW MIND YOU HE WAS TELLING ME THIS WHEN I WAS 7-8 years old! We all know that kid's will be kids at that age...but in the organization there is no such thing as childhood your expected to be an adult.

    When I was around 15...I remember remarking to my Mom " The people that go to the meetings are scared to death of their own mortality and cannot accept that all living things must die and that's why they are at the KH...their grasping at straws...I am of the opinion why worry about something you cannot prevent?" It caused a big stir with My Mom

    I don't know AuldSoul but do you remember this lame phrase from the platform " Even if Jehovah did not hold the promise of everlasting life out before us we would still serve him out of love the reason why we serve Jehovah in the first place is because out of love. We shouldn't find serving Jehovah a burden..."

    I remember snickering to myself at that meeting and said " No were all here because we don't want to die and are afraid of dying at Armeggedon we don't love this tyrant whom we call Jehovah..."

    That whole religion is based upon fear of dying...and thats how they keep control over the flock...(which we already know) I personally find the idea of letting the human race suffer so that Satan the Devil could prove his point that no human if given the free will or incentive to serve god would is utterly despicable...It sort of contradicts what the bible says at 1st John 4:8 " God is love." HOW IS HE LOVE if he lets the human race suffer so Satan the Devil can try to prove his idiotic point? It all seems rather academic to me...

    I don't fear Death anymore...To fear death is to allow others to exert control over you whether that be the Watchtower or the nations of the earth that use the fear of death to govern... I rather go down fighting for what I believe in than submitting to tyranny...To me submitting is an act of a coward...and I didn't like being a coward....so I finally resolved in my heart to leave the organization...

    Far as I am concerned now the Organization can burn for all I care


  • james_woods

    Star, did you really mean that ( both Russell and Ray Franz had the spirit ) ??? Or, am I missing your sense of humor?

    To me, Russell was practically as malevolent as Rutherford and twice as crazy. He copied nutcase beliefs from the Seventh Day Adventists after those very prophecies failed, then made up his own failed prophesies. This is the root cause of all the crappola chronology, the Judge just added on to it. We had a thread a while back on who was worse, C.T. or the Judge. Russell had a number of personal issues as well.

    I'll put it this way...Who said Jesus would come in 1914 first? - and - Who is buried beside a pyramid?


  • KW13

    I am happy to be out and i feel no fear of the WBT Society. IF they turned out to be the true org i'd be sick to the stomach and have nothing to do with it because of what is going on. The simple fact is of course its not the truth and i am safe from that nightmare

  • AuldSoul
    "Even if Jehovah did not hold the promise of everlasting life out before us we would still serve him out of love the reason why we serve Jehovah in the first place is because out of love. We shouldn't find serving Jehovah a burden..."

    OHHHH yes. I remember this and the companion platitude: "Even if there was no paradise hope, this is the best way to live!"

    But then, JWs are "the happiest people on earth" .


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