IF Jehovah's Witnesses are right...

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  • Frog

    I can understand, and relate, to those initial flashback doubts about "what if??"...however, I think that if you're still having them a couple of years after leaving the org, then you haven't properly slayed all your demons and beaten the indoctation with new education.

    But they can not be right, by now too much came up that shows them to be fake, Ray Franz's book has got enough in it to demolish that notion, what we have here is a bunch of rapacious individuals lusting for power and are above all self interested, the Mexico Malawi contradiction, the occultic associations of Russell and Rutherford, the very unstable and erratic doctrines, it's a joke really.

    I fully concur with Greendawn on this...it's all a joke to me now, the whole thing is bloody absurd. Thus the reason why I have very little understanding for those people I once considered intelligent and looked up to in the org who chose to remain there.

    I think it's really important that all those who make a conscious decision to leave the WT get to the point where they can unequivocally say that the WT org is a manmade publishing company full of double standards, driven by deluded power craving men, founded on contradicting polices, who use failed and failing prophecies to draw in desperate people, and use control and fear tactics to keep them and their purses coming back for more...

  • Beachbender

    Very well stated from such a young mind Frog! I like where your head is at!

    I agree with what`s already been said, I want no part of any organization, or it`s people, or God who treat people like the JW`s do period! and I was NOT a happy JW, where do they get off saying that "they are the happiest people on Earth"! sheeeesh give me a big break!

  • heathen

    LMAO -- Yah the happiest people on earth . Most the ones I've known were so miserable they need the end to bale them out of their misery . They are pushy and judgemental and petty .

  • Maryjane
    If witnesses are living in a spiritual paradise at the Kingdom Hall, then paradise must be a very very very dull place. Just picture an eternity of sitting at boring meetings and assemblies subjected to the same kind of "instruction from Jehovah" that some of us have been listening to for over 40 years already. I think after 1000 years of that I would be praying for the second death!

    Also, think of every annoying, judgemental, self-righteous, pompous JW you ever knew. If witnesses were right we would have to spend eternity with these people! Actually, I'm hoping the Catholics are right and I'm going to keep good company with the sinners in Hell. Look forward to seeing ya there Auld Soul. We'll meet up with tetrapod and sick of lies and have some laughs and some drinks!

    Wasn't there something in a WT about "new books" in the new system? The fun and learning never ends!

    I'm with you tho...I'd rather not exist than to spend eternity with a bunch of robots devoid of free will and true spirituality. They seem to think they're spiritual yet the thing holding them in the organization is fear of destruction/alienation from Jehovah. I'm not saying they don't love God, but it's almost like they're forced to worship (or else). That's not spirituality at all.

  • EAGLE-1

    If jdubs are right then we can expect another Mad Max film

    Max! Theres a convoy of jdubs commin' up the highway!

    Was Jehovah with'em?

    No I didnt see'em

    Good I'm on it.

    How'did they survive Max?

    By standing behind large stacks of Watchtower publications.Even a hydrogen bomb cant penetrate that bullshit.

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