Why all the fuss about 607 and 1914?

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  • heathen

    The only signifigance 1935 has in WT land is that the numbers of partakers started to thin out . I think also it's the year that rutherford came up with the name of jehovahs witness . I don't think there are any active j-dubs from the generation of 1914 so they are trying to change it to any generation since 1914 . No other religion finds any signifigance to 1914 thus could not be the bride class according to the WTBTS . It was actually 1919 that they claim they were approved for the FDS and that was only because they refused to take a seditious statement out of a publication that was already in print when the law was changed during WW1 .This of course wound up costing them some down time in prison and shutting down the publishing corporation . They compare that to the 2 witness that were killed and then revived in Revelation. Which actually is not any stranger an interpretation than I've heard from most . Revelation is an interesting book that many try to interpret and come up with some very strange things .

  • moomanchu

    This an answer I got from my mom when I brought up JW history (she spells bad).

    [About Rutherford ] Don't you no he is dead a long
    > time already.. He was in the horse & bucky days.. we are into seiber
    > space now.. Don't go backwards..& Don't you observe the wickedness that
    > is going on in the world today.

    You just can't beat that.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    What a great thread Rockhound! This would be helpful to alot of the new ones, as it seems many are needing info. on this subject.

    Thanks Dad,


  • RubaDub

    There isnt a doubt in my mind that the WTBS can change the 1914 date and not lose more than 25% of their followers.

    Excellent point, but I think the percentage leaving would be far less.

    Remember, the trump card can always be played, namely, that 1914 was "symbolic, figurative, etc."

    It's difficult to disprove anything when the counter-argument is "it happened, you just didn't see it."

    Rub a Dub

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