Photos of Australian Snake eating kangaroo

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  • misspeaches

    Yeah snakes make me shudder too... But I found these pics really fascinating.

    I remember once driving with my uncle and there was a red belly black snake on the road. He ran it over but then was worried that he might not have run it over properly and it could have got up into the engine. Man I was so scared. I thought that snake was going to be poking its forked tongue out of one of the air vents any time now... Seriously until I saw the dead snake I couldn't move!

  • KW13

    thing is, my stepdad said it was probably one of his old ties blowing in the wind. why did he go in the greenhouse with a 6ft stick then?

  • Legolas

    I could probably handle a snake (I'm a pro now from watching all the snake shows...LOL)...but if you put on spider on are dead meat my friends!

  • tijkmo

    i dont think that is a snake eating a kangaroo or even a snake eating kangaroo

    i think its a snake shedding its legs

  • Miss_MG

    My husband loves to tell his experience to whoever will listen about the day he and our son were doing return visits in a rural area and on the road in front of them was a snake he said its body was the size of a dinner plate and he couldnt see the head or the tail because they were both hidden in the bushes mind you that snake gets bigger every time he tells the story

  • KW13

    I was there, it was a slug!

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Ok hate to piss on everyones chips but thats no roo. That's a wallaby !

    For the non Aussies out there wallabies are a lot smaller than kangaroos.


  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    No on second look that's a Kangaroo, my mistake, it's a joey though

  • jwfacts

    Like the VB beer ad says, Australia is one of the few places where we are allowed to eat our national emblem.

  • Leolaia

    jwfacts....If only Ben Franklin had his way....

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