Whoo hoo . . .I finally signed up

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  • delilah

    Welcome, Woofer, nice to have you aboard!!! Congratulations on your impending nuptials...may your life be happy and full of content, from here on ....

  • freedomlover

    welcom woofer!

    so glad things are going good for you. glad you decided to join in on the fun over here...


  • bubble

    Hi Woofer and welcome to the board. I am a new member myself and am really grateful for all the messages of support I've been getting from this forum. I was married really young like yourself, I was 20. I new after 2 years that it was over and that I didn't love him any more, but was too scared to leave him because of all the repercussions. It took me 16 years to finally leave him and at least I'm mature enough to deal with the repercussions now i.e. being shunned by my family and friends! It really annoys me that they think they are being right and Christian and good JW's for treating me worse than an enemy! I do see and speak to my parents and sister occasionally and sometimes I really think that they think they are doing me a favour by 'bending the rules'. But our relationship is a far cry from what it used to be. They have not spoken at all to my new husband as he's disfellowshipped too, and obviously I'm never invited over for a meal or to family functions. It's been 4 years now! The most annoying thing is that they still associate with my ex, regularly seeing him and having him over for meals etc. and he gets invited to family weddings and functions too!!!!! Where is the family loyalty, just because he is still a JW he gets treated better than me and yet he is the one who made me so unhappy for so many years. It's all wanky!

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  • greendawn

    Welcome to the forum Woofer, you are still young and there is plenty of time ahead of you to enjoy life it's nice that things are working out for you. The dubs are just a con and not to be taken at heart, their ideology is for ever shifting and can not be trusted.

    Though they try to present this extreme instability as a virtue instead of the weakness that it really is, by saying that they are always willing to change ideas when they realises that they are wrong, unlike other religions.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    *Waves a hello to Bubble*

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