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    Your not boring anyone.

    Firstly you are right, one person could read this and see things in a different light (welcome to the board to you then)

    Please continue when your ready!

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    When I first came here it was my first time ever really doing any research on the borg using outside info, and I saw what this place was all about and decided that it would make me feel a lot better if I could finally tell my story to someone. Thats whats great about this place, you have friends here you can talk to without ever getting judged or having to worry about being shunned. I encourage you to finish your story as it will do you a lot of good to get this stuff off your chest.

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    totally not boring.....

    I agree with you. there were some really great memories of being raised as a witness. There's always pros and cons to every situation.

    Can't wait to hear more, and hear where your parents are nowadays. they sound like lovely people who really loved you.

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    Hello and welcome

    continue when you rush

    good story.

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    This may be the best first topics posted on any forum in my opinion.. Your memory and attention to details are outstanding. Sitting on pins and needles waiting for more of the same. Bug

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    I too am enjoying your story.


    My life was pretty uneventful in New Mexico until my parents had a house built. I had to switch schools. The new school was in the most virulent Catholic neighborhood in the county. Once I proudly made my stand known about being a JW, the bullying and violence started. I was not only bullied by other children, but by one teacher in general, Mr. Mondragon. He was my 6th grade teacher. He was, also, a 45 year old single male still living at home with his mother. He also used to paddle his students, especially the boys. You can read whatever you want into that statement. Needless to say I was single-outed for abuse by him. He also let the bullies have their way with me.

    Of my the complaints that I have against my parents, it is that they didn't do enough to protect me from the bullies and this teacher. They told me that it was a priviledge to be persecuted for Jehovah. I never learned that lesson. I learned that it is better to remain silent about your religion, especially when your religion forsters such vile & venom. For my entire 6th grade year (this was the year when My Book of Bible Stories was released) I was bullied, but one bully in particular sttod out, David Chacon. He was two years younger than me, but was morbidly obese, and the nephew of a boxer by the name of Bobby Chacon. He had som training in boxing, but I had no training in defending myself. After all, we don't need to "defend ourselves as good boys of Jehovah," my mom would say. David used to bully me tirelessly, and anytime some one attempted to defend me they recieved his wrath also.

    So for nearly an entire school year David bullied me. On the bus going to school, at school, and on the bus coming home. Then on April 1, I will never forget the day, April Fool's Day, I finally blew. It was on trip back home, and he was bein particularly vicious. He cornered me in one of the seats. I was sitting by the window. Then he began hitting the side of head so that the opposite side of my head would also hit the glass on the school bus. After, what seemed like an eternity, of this I reached my limit. I grabbed his arm, pulled it toward me, and bit him as hard as I could. I stood up ran to the bus driver and between sobs complained about being bit. I followed him to the front, and as his sister (another obese child) screamed from David to watch out, I pulled back my right hand and as he turned I hit him directly on the nose. It was at this point that my best friend, Kevin, pulled me back. The bus driver immediately stopped the bus, and I pushed the door release lever and ran home in tears. As an asisde, I knew exactly how Ralphie felt when he beat up Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story.

    Back to the story, David went home and was rushed to the hospital. I broke his nose. His parents came to our house to complain. I had told my parents everything from day one, so they knew exactly what happened. Our neighbors, one of which was a JW family had seen everything called the other neighbors when they saw the Chacons at our door. My dad, invited them in, and asked them to sit down. He listened. During this time the other neighbors came and coroborated my story. However, the Chacons were more upset with the fact that I bit their son, rather than with me cheapshotting him (yes, it was a cheapshot, but he deserved it) and breaking his nose. However, it was explained to them exactly what had happened, and what had been happening in the past. It was at this point that my dad asked them to leave, and to never allow their son to bother me again. And that if it did happen, that he had given me permission to defend myself. After they left, my dad ask down with me, and explained that fighting is wrong, but sometimes it's the only way to get out of a situation, and that if I can't get out of a situation, then do everything in my power to hurt the person bullying me.

    The worst part came the next day. I was to be suspended from school. However, David was not. My father came to the school that day and siad that if I was suspended, then he would personally sue anyon in the school and the school district for religious discrimination, and that he would win. The principle, kind of smirked, and my dad told him to look up how successful JWs had been in cases of religious discrimination. He gave the principle two days, before the first day was up the principle had called, and profusely appologized. I was never bothered again by a bully or Mr. Mondragon.

    The following summer, my dad got the urge to move. My uncle (My mom's younger brother) lived in Anderson, CA. He knew of a JW who was selling his janitorial company in Red Bluff, CA, and asked my dad to come up there. We went with another JW to partner with my dad, and they bought the business. That summer we moved to Red Bluff (Dead Bluff), CA.

    More to come.

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    I'm enjoying your story XJW. I hope it's cathartic for you.

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    Please keep going....

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