I conducted a "free home bible study" this afternoon.

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  • unclebruce

    G'day Bible Imbibers,

    I had a hard day today installing hot and cold water and drainage to an old railway carriage for a woman named Sue. Sue is an absolute mess and very hard to work for. Seven years ago her only son died in a blizzard while skiing at Thredbo resort, several hours drive from here. After a five day search, Jamie's frozen body was found under a rock ledge, his snowboard wedged down hard. Then six months ago Sue's husband suddenly dropped dead in her arms from a heart attack.

    So Sue's a mess. When her son died she climbed Mt Whistler in Canada and spead his ashes from the summit of his favourite mountain. When Eric died she went to pieces and is seriously contemplating suicide once she finishes the building project they started together.

    Sue has has had every bible vulture there is trying to grab her to their fold. She knows I'm a former JW but has little understanding of what that means. Lately she's been listening to bible tapes. She is on a cocktail of drugs and goes from bossy bitc h to smiling pussy cat in an instant. Today Sue came out demanding to know what a caboose is (this while we're standing in an old country railway carriage

    Sue: "Hey, I've just been reading my bible. What's a caboose?"

    Unc: "? A caboose is usually the end carriage of a railway train."

    Sue: No in the bible! What's a caboose?"

    Unc: Thinks "buggered if I know - the last camel?" says: "Well, I'd need to see that in 'context™' Tell you what, you get your bible, I'll get mine and we'll check it out."

    Sue: pphhht!! yeah right, you've got a bible lol

    Unc: "yep got one in the car - never go anywhere without it lol" (I only had it there so in my lunch break, if the mood takes me or if the catharsis rises, I can scribble half meaningful posts to golf, gumby or greendawn - oh the burden of internet posting).

    Unc : "If you look up the scripture, I'll compare it with my modern english translation" (the wonderful 'bendy' NWT lol)

    Sue: "It's here in Judges ....19 .. Later her master rose up"

    Unc : "hang on .. what verse is that?"

    Sue: "27! ........ Later her master rose up in the morning and opened the doors of the house and went out to get on his way, and, look! the woman, his caboose, fallen at the entrance

    Unc: "Hang on it say's concubine here" I examine her bible - "it says concubine there too."

    Sue: Shrugs, "same thing! ..and, look! the woman, his caboose, fallen at the entrance of the house with her hands upon the threshold! So he said to her: “Rise up, and let us go.” But there was no one answering. At that the man took her upon the ass and rose up and went to his place."

    Unc: "Sue it says concubine"

    Sue: "well what's a concubine?"

    Unc: "it's a porcupine with out the prickly bits .."

    Sue: "gives threatening gesture"

    Unc: "it's an aditional wife - polygamy was very popular in patriarchal times. Solomon is said to have had around 1100 concubines."

    Sue: "What for?"

    Unc: Jeez woman use your imagination lol

    ...then we had a brief conversation about the ancient 'marriage arrangements™' and masturbation instructions she'd been reading (the story of Onan) followed by..

    Sue: I really like the story of Sampson. That Delilah was a real bitch! Sampson was so great, especially when he killed Goliath!

    Unc: what the?

  • Scully

    I hope you charged her extra for the "consultation". LOL

    Great story!

  • wombat

    The poor darling..Losing both of the men in her life. I reckon that she enjoys your company unc. Like how many blokes drive around with a Bible in their ute.

  • unclebruce

    G'day scully, wombat,

    Sue's actually a real wildcat - full of anger .. she is serious about commiting suicide as soon as she's finished the railway carriage renovation. Of course everyone is telling her she can't - she'll burn in hell etc.. I think that suicide is the ultimate freedom. Why judge someone in so much pain. She is recieving proffesional help from many quarters but is as contancerous as all get out and tries my patience like you wouldn't believe.

    What can you do for someone like that but give them a few laughs and a hug on leaving. You are right wombat - she's lonely and angry at her dreams being shattered. Her son was an Australian snowboard champion and Eric and her did everything together including building a nice house overlooking a large secion of the Bega Valley. Very sad. It isn't often I'm lost for words or comfort but Sues situation is much like people from a war zone or that poor little Iraqi boy who witnessed his families execution.

    sorry for the heavy, unc

  • ozziepost

    Mate, someones's got the hots!

  • Celia

    UncleBruce, you're one of the funniest poster.... I must admit I don't always understand what you're saying, but hey, English is my third language, and Australian can be confusing to a non Australian of French ancestry.... Nice of you to be there for Sue. What a tragedy.

  • Narkissos

    Uncle, you got a heart with this mind of yours. Must be painful some days.

    --> Sue.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Unclebruce - quite the departure from your typical threads, isn't it?

    One suggestion - get a NIV - better paper, better ink, and less Freddy.


  • wombat

    " I think that suicide is the ultimate freedom. Why judge someone in so much pain."

    Interesting thought. One that could be discussed all night over many bottles of good red.

    It's the placing a value on "pain" that is the problem. I reckon that a huge percentage of posters on this site have at some time considered suicide as being the only solution. To many, the future would have appeared to be absolutely unbearable and there was no point in living.

    I am sure that some previous posters have suicided - and I'm not going to judge them either. But I reckon that there's heaps here who hung on and found that those black clouds went away and it was all blue sky.

    Personally I didn't because I didn't want to set a bad example to my kids. Just so, so glad now.

    The few folk that I've known who've topped themselves never told a soul what they were planning. I reckon that she's yelling for help. Good for her for doing so.

  • Scully
    she is serious about commiting suicide as soon as she's finished the railway carriage renovation. Of course everyone is telling her she can't - she'll burn in hell etc.. I think that suicide is the ultimate freedom.

    She's in a sad and painful situation, for certain. It seems a bit odd that for someone who has endured so much pain that she would care about what people think about her decision to commit suicide, though. Personally, I'd think that the real hell she is in emotionally and mentally would make people realize that there is a limit to what each person can put up with in life, and I would want to help her put her affairs in order so that she could be in a position to leave her life behind knowing that there were no loose ends.

    For a second there, though, I thought she might have been propositioning you, with all that talk about concubines and stuff.

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