Is Gods correct name pronounced Jehovah?? What about the messiahs name?

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    Hi everyone , not been here for a while. I thought i would ask this question as i have been reading some fascinating information on some other sites as to the correct pronunciation of Gods real name? Also for that matter, i ask what Jesus proper pronounced name is?. Think about it. If you go to another country and tell people your name and instead of calling you your name as you pronounced it, they automatically transliterate it into their own language and call you by the name thay have transliterated it in to; would that annoy you after awhile?? For Example Your name is simon. You go to some where in Africa and tell people your name is simon. The next day everyone you met the day before calls you (made up name example) fharanday. Because that is the transliteration of the name simon into their language. So everyday they call you by this name simply because that is their translation of this name ( Fharanday of course is a made up name but just to prove the point). Would you be ok about this ?? of couse you would not want to offend people because that is their transliteration of your name and you realise that, but wouldnt you explain to them that the pronunciation of your name is actually simon!!!! That is your name . That is the Phonetic sound of your name rgardless of language and transliteration!!! You could be in timbuktoo (not sure of the spelling ,sorry) you still want to be called simon regardless. So i beg the Question, from the tetragrammaton, Is Gods name Jehovah?? ; also is Jesus the correct pronunciation of his hebrew name??. I think you will find this subject a little bit controversial, but food for thought. Think about it!!!!

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  • Narkissos

    Yahweh (or, less likely, Yahu/Yaho)

    Yeshua`... or Ièsous!

    (If there was a "historical Jesus" and he was a Galilean -- or even a Judean -- it is entirely possible that he bore the Greek form of the name instead of the Hebrew one, in view of the massive presence of Greek language in 1st-century Palestine. Just as we now have a lot of French children bearing English names such as "John," along with others bearing the French form, like "Jean". Same thing if the name originally emerged in a Greek-speaking cultic setting, e.g. from Ièsous = Joshua; btw Ièsous is also evocative of "salvation" in Greek, cf. Matthew 1:21).

  • stillajwexelder

    Yaar Way for Jehovah -- and Ye hesh u a ben Jospeh for Jesus

  • lighthouse1956

    Jehovah is the ENGLISH translation of YHWH, using the King's English. Some scholars use Yahweh, but using this formula of translation, one would have to change Jacob, Jehoash,Jehu, Joab,Joshua etc, Even city names would be changed. Even if the spellings were kept the same, pronounciations could still differ i.e. Jesus in spanish is pronounced HAY-SUSE.

    I'm not worried about the exact Hebrew pronounication because I don't speak Hebrew, I don't think God will hold it against me.

  • Leolaia

    I have an article from the Rutherford era in which the Society claimed that "Jehovah" was the only correct pronunciation of the divine name and that "Jahweh" (i.e. Yahweh) was a Satanic, criminal bastardation, and a remarkable article penned by Fred Franz in which he claimed that the divine name was deliberately withheld from the NT so that Christendom would not use it, thereby identifying JWs since 1918 as God's chosen people through their use of it.

  • GodisRight

    I don't think anyone living today knows God's name. Only thing I know for sure is that God's short name is Yah. The full name I do not know.

    Jesus real name is Yahushua <hebrew full name Yahshua <hebrew short name

    Yehoshua < aramic full name Yeshua < Aramic short name

    Yeshua turned into iesous y = i sh=so u=u a=s

    Note: The greeks could not pronounce the sh sound so sh became so. In greek, a was femine and s was masculine so the a at the end of yeshua became s

    The greek iesous then became Jesus in Latin. By the way, Joshua's real name is actually Yahushua, the same hebrew name of Jesus. You should Joshua as the person who led Israel into the promise land of Canaan.

  • Leolaia

    GodisRight....It is not the case that the theophoric element in yhwsh` "Joshua" is realized in yahu- in Hebrew and yeho- in Aramaic. The Hebrew MT vowel pointing of "Joshua" has a shewa (what is given as "e" in your description, tho it is a neutralized vowel rather than a front mid vowel) after the initial yod, not a qamets (i.e. "a"). The waw also is pointed with a holem, indicating a vowel "o" rather than "u" (see Joshua 1:1 for an example). Also there is a consonantal 'ayin which is not mentioned in the description; Greek does not have this consonant so it is omitted. Moreover the vowel in the final syllable in the Greek is not "u" but the diphthong "ou", and the final -s of Iésous is nothing else than the nominative ending.

    There is much evidence from Greek-language sources that suggest that the Hebrew pronunciation of the tetragrammaton was "Yahweh" (such as transliterations like Iabe and Iaoue).

  • RubaDub

    I think the closest English approximation to the name would be "Leonard"

    Rub a Dub

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