Were YOU An Arrogant JW?

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  • yesidid
    A goody 2 shoes. One that wouldn't associate with other Witnesses because they weren't mature enough

    No I wasn't like that, but there are other ways to be arrogant and,I believe I was arrogant. I was certainly judgmental.

    I am not sure if I thought I was better, but if I was "doing more" like pioneering for instance, I felt that God was

    more pleased with me than others who, it seemed to me, were not trying to "please Jehovah" to the same extent.

    I was also very judgmental with non JW's. I had no understanding of Grace or as the WT says "undeserved kindness".

    I am not proud of what I was, in fact I am very ashamed, and have asked God for forgiveness. But I still have aways to go I am afraid.


  • EAGLE-1

    No......... And I flew outta there first chance I got.

  • Collegegurl

    OK, I'll admit it. I was an arrogant jw. I was definately a good 2 shoe. Until I started having doubts, I did everything I was supossed to. I was very judgemental. When I was little, my parents would always limit my association with other kids in the cong. based on how spiritual they or their parents were. I continued in that pattern when I got older. If they didn't go out in FS every month or watched "demonic" movies, I wouldn't invite them to go see movies or hang out. I feel bad about it now, and of course, I don't do that now.

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    I don't think that I was intentionally. I was classified as a goody 2 shoes because I have very high standards for myself. I don't think that having high standards are wrong. Though, when you use them to judge others they are. It seems that what friends I did have were always the ones on the edge that didn't get acceptance. I felt sorry that others would not associate with them. Which is strange because the others were worse than the ones they ignored. They would live their double life style and then be mean to others who were not spiritually mature like they were.

  • RubaDub

    No, even as a 3rd gen dub, I never looked down on others. If anything, I am "arrogant" in that I tend to minimalize those in the borg that are robots, those that simply are "yes" men.

    I have no time for those in the borg that try to play the "theocratic" card around me.

    Rub a Dub

  • minimus

    When I was a new young (24 year old) elder, I was totally by the book. I knew every policy inside and out and judged the congregation accordingly. As I got older and wiser, I realized that I hurt some good people in my misplaced zeal to be correct according to Society procedures. Therefore I lost that type of arrogance and realized that I was no better than anyone else.

  • Dismembered


    Have you prayed for forgiveness? I damn well hope so. If not you'll be going to hell with the rest of the angels


  • undercover

    I wasn't an arrogant JW, but I did limit my association with certain JWs rumored to be troublemakers. Not because I felt that I was better, but because I believed the company line that my spirituality could be damaged by associating with others who weren't spiritually strong.

    Actually, I guess you could call it fear more than anything. The fear that the WTS had indoctrinated into us. The fear that 'weak' ones could drag us away. And I fell for it.

    As I started my fade, the shoe was moved to the other foot. I became the one feared by over-zealous ones in the congregation. That was an enligtening experience. That's when I realized that the WTS was using scare tactics (among other things) to keep the R&F in line and away from anyone who could cause them to doubt or question their leadership.

  • Frog

    arrogant through fear I think. especially towards those with liberal lifestyles, or non-dub family members who were gonna die from giant hail stones during the great day of jehoba...

  • Frog

    toushe' (sp??) undercover...x

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