There's something happening here.

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  • greendawn

    The ingredients of a great con artist, a lofty appointment by God which makes them really important: you better listen to what they have to say, obey them and never criticise them.

    And the great promises of paradise and eternal life as long as you labour for the corporation and obey the drumming of the FDS.

    They have weaved a nice little spider web of deceit to catch the naive and the ignorant. But by now they are indeed in decline and the spider web is tearing apart.

  • Honesty

    Guerilla warfare is going to overcome and subdue 'Theocraticâ„¢ warfare.'

  • bebu
    Who's got the momentum now Watchtower?


  • Highlander

    We are not an organization, there's no big strike you can make to shut us up. We are not going away!

    Yep, we're just like a covert terror organization. No central point to attack. We're so spread out and diverse to be stopped.

  • Kaput
    Maybe I can help people if I'm still on the "inside" and they view me as such.

    Careful, sir82 --- This could backfire on you a couple of ways. If it hits the fan on your watch, you may be the object of the wrath of those impacted by the devastation simply by being elder. And if you tell the dubs, "Hey, I'm on your side! Don't worry, I knew this was going to happen and I'm here to help you!", they could be royally ticked that you hadn't told 'em about it beforehand, but instead chose to remain silent until the bomb went off. Just my 2 cents. Darned if ya do and darned if ya don't, I guess.

  • Leolaia

    The Society cannot utilize the 100-year discrepency of the Judges period to adjust 1914 to 2014 because the chronology of the Judges is already built atop the chronology of later periods (since they count backward in time). This discrepency was useful for pushing 1874 to 1975 (which brought the date forward one year because of there being no "zero year"), and the Society missed the opportunity to resurrect Russell's schema which claimed that Armageddon would come 40 years after 1874 (hence, 2005 by the same logic). Had the Society adopted Russell's arguments for a 40-year harvest before the end, the '90s may well have been more productive...tho they'd have to be dealing with disconfirmation right now...

    The 100-year gap however would be useful to update the 1925 prophecy, since it was reckoned from the date the Israelites entered Canaan, which was before the Judges. This calculation claimed that 3,500 years would have to pass from the time of this event, and the chronology used by Rutherford held that this occurred in 1575 BC. Now the Society claims that this occurred in 1473 BC. Adding 3,500 years would lead to 2028 for the end of the jubilee cycles. So the Society could revive this speculation. This is also six years before 2034. I could imagine the Society adopting a typology that likens Armageddon to Joshua conquering the Promised Land, with the intervening period as the Great Tribulation (with 3 1/2 years of persecution on JWs, utilizing Daniel and Revelation), with 2035 as the first year of the New System 7 years after 2028.

    I doubt the Society would come up with anything specific tho, considering the fallout of 1975 and the criticism a new speculation would invite....

  • Mary

    Yep. Watching the demise of the Organization is reminicent of watching the demise of Elvis. At the end he was a shadow of his former self. All because he couldn't see the need to change.......

    Elvis performing live

  • ballistic

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.

  • LDH

    Need I say more.


    Insurgent Class

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    What's that sound? sound? Last rasping breaths . . .What's that smell? That smell, ooo, ooo, that smell . . . a rotting corpse not quite dead, not quite alive . . . . . oo, oo, that smell.

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