The worst films you watched

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  • greendawn

    We often talk about the best films that we have seen but what about the opposite, what were some films that really disappointed you either at the cinema or at home watching them from a DVD (or VHS though that got outdated now)? One film I found very boring was the "horse whisperer".

  • upside/down

    The "Youth" video put out by the WTS....ugh!


  • damselfly

    There was a Youth video? Glad I missed it.

    I didn't like Punchdrunk Love.


  • luna2

    I don't think I've seen the Youth video. Lucky me, huh?

    Let's see...I thought Casanova was hideously boring, but I might just have been in a bad mood that day. There was some really bad zombie flick with that model...can't remember her name...ah, found it, Milla Jovovich. The movie was Resident Evil. Of course, I really don't like horror, so I suppose I'm prejudiced. Oh, and the second Princess Diaries movie...I have no idea why I went to see that. If you were over the age of 10, it was virtually unwatchable.

  • jstalin

    Worst movies I've seen:

    1. Eraserhead

    2. Troy

    3. Blair Witch Project

    4. Streetcar Named Desire

  • daniel-p

    Must Love Dogs - talk about horrible acting, worthless script, holes all through the plot, and much worse, a bunch of excellent actors who looked like they hated what they were doing.

  • luna2

    jstalin, Troy wasn't very good but it was so full of eyecandy, I didn't care. LMAO

  • jstalin

    LOL - the eye candy didn't make up for the horrid directing and acting.

  • james_woods

    I was dragged kicking and screaming into "The Way We Were" with Redford and Striesand. I actually thought it was over several times and tried to get up and walk away - but NOOO - it just kept on going and going and going...The only cool thing

    Yes, it was a witness girl that did this to me, and yes - I had to pay full box fare as it was during the first release.

    And she walked out of the great film THX1138 because of that nude scene...


  • james_woods

    the only cool thing was Redford's MGTD.

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