Afgan Muslim to Christian Convert faces DEATH PENALTY !

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  • Rabbit

    I had a cold chill and a shiver vibrate down my spine reading this article.

    But, I just don't know WHY ? There are certain words I have taken the liberty to highlight below, each of them caused a {{{{{{shiver}}}}}}.

    Somebody help me out...what is that gives me this 'deja vu' feeling ? Back to Story - Help Yahoo! News

    Afghanistan says court to decide fate of convert

    By Sayed Salahuddin 1 hour, 52 minutes ago

    Under mounting international pressure over the case of a man facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity, Afghanistan said on Wednesday that its judiciary alone would decide the case.

    An Afghan judge said this week a man named Abdur Rahman had been jailed for converting from Islam to Christianity and could face the death penalty if he refused to become a Muslim again.

    Sharia, or Islamic law, stipulates death for apostasy. The Afghan legal system is based on a mix of civil and sharia law.

    "We in Afghanistan have the prosecutor who observes the law and the court that executes it. Whatever the court orders will be executed as the court is independent," said Mahaiuddin Baluch, a religious affairs adviser to President Hamid Karzai.

    The case has raised alarm overseas and the United States and three other NATO allies with troops in Afghanistan on Tuesday urged respect for religious freedom. German Chancellor Angela Merkel added her voice to those of Western leaders expressing concern.

    In response, Afghan Economy Minister Amin Farhang criticized the "heated and emotional reactions of German politicians" and said proposals there to withdraw German troops in protest amounted to blackmail against Karzai's government.

    "We don't interfere in Germany's internal affairs or in running court cases," he told the Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung.

    The case is sensitive for Karzai, who depends on foreign troops to battle Taliban and al Qaeda militants and foreign aid to support the economy. But he also has to consider the views of conservative proponents of Islamic law.

    Asked about the international outcry, Baluch said: "Everybody has the right to express their view."

    Rahman, 40, has not been formally charged yet.

    He told a judge at a preliminary hearing last week he became a Christian while working for an aid group helping Afghan refugees in Pakistan 15 years ago.

    "I'm not an apostate. I'm obedient to God but I'm a Christian, that's my choice," Rahman told the hearing.

    Washington, which counts Karzai as a key ally in the region, raised the case with the then visiting Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah on Tuesday, calling on Kabul to uphold Afghan citizens' constitutional right to choose their faith.

    Italian Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini has said Rahman would probably not be executed.

    Fini, whose country was one of four with troops in Afghanistan to speak out about the case, told Italian television on Tuesday he had indications the Islamic punishment for apostasy would not be imposed on Abdul Rahman.

    "From what I've been told, and I have no reason to doubt it, the death sentence will not be carried out," said Fini. He gave no other details.

    A former Italian president urged Rome to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan unless pledges were given on Rahman's safety.


    The top U.N. envoy in Afghanistan, Tom Koenigs, said in a statement he was following the case with grave concern.

    "It is my wish that Mr Rahman's legal and human rights will be upheld and that this matter does not create a rift between Afghanistan and its international partners," Koenigs said.

    Freedom of religion, including the freedom to change one's religion, was enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which Afghanistan had adhered to, he said.

    Some officials have raised questions about Rahman's mental state, and Minister of Economy Mohammad Amin Farhang said Rahman would not be executed if he were found to be unstable.

    Germany and Canada, both of which also have troops in Afghanistan, have also raised their concern.

    A political analyst in Kabul said the case might hinge on differing interpretations of the constitution.

    Afghanistan is a conservative Islamic country and 99 per cent of its more than 25 million people are Muslim. A court sentenced two Afghan journalists to death for blasphemy three years ago but they escaped and sought asylum abroad.

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    Can anyone imagine a religion so watchtowerian draconian to impose such a harsh penalty upon a fellow human in this day & time ? Just for turning their back on the faith they were brought up in by their parents ? Or had been convert to themselves ?

    Wait ! It's all coming back to me ! Somebody help me out on this quote...a magazine called the Watchtower once said something like, "Unfortunately, we Christians are limited by secular laws today..." they were talking about "the good old days" when apostates, blasphemers and other 'ne'er do wells' could be "stoned to death for their "sins".

    They were such happy days. There's only so much the WTS can do to folks isolation thru shunning and causing deaths thru the adherence to idiotic blood doctrines and the inevitable suicides from the pressures put upon their believers.

    But, dammit, Christian rock thrower at the local Kingdom Hall would have been much more graphic and "to the point" in keeping people 'in line' and obedient. And loads more fun, too.

    Somebody find that quote for me.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    They were talking about that on a radio talk show this morning in Los Angeles. I don't know who would want to convert to Islam in an Islamic country. There's no turning back if you changed your mind...scheesch. Barbaric.

  • greendawn

    The Moslems as usually want to have it both ways, they can convert Christians and others to Islam but if someone tries to convert a Moslem he is due for a beheading. That's way out of line.

  • kgfreeperson

    I really want to hear what JWs are saying to each other about this. Do they say/fee "this is way out of line" "can you imagine such a thing" etc, or do they say/think "see, they know how to do this right." I'm reading Sam Harris's "End of Faith" and he points out that the only way one can be a "moderate" religionist of any stripe is to ignore half of what is in scripture. Clearly the Muslim's in Afghanistan take their scriptures seriously!

  • tetrapod.sapien


    the absolute funniest thing about this whole episode, is that the court may find the newly converted xian: "mentaly unfit to stand trial"!!

    OH!! irony of ironies!! HA HA!!!


  • Rabbit

    "Mentally unfit," I wonder if they think that BECAUSE he converted to another faith ?

    My JW X wife said I was "spiritually unstable" when I stopped going to meetings. She left and said I was a "spiritual danger" to her and our kids, because, I had confided some of my 'doubts' and issues about the WT teachings with her. Then she told the Elders...

    They helped me...out.

    It's funny, remember how many times people at the door would tell us, "We don't believe the way y'all do, cause y'all worship the Debil, yep !" And we would be thinking, "Nah, not us. Y'all worship Satan, ya' just don't know it !"

    Christians all want to say the same about Muslims...and the Muslims all say WE are the infidels who worship the Great Satan !

    Nuh-uh ! Uh-huh !

    Nuh-uh ! Uh-huh !

    Nuh-uh ! Uh-huh !

    I'm beginning to think ALL religions that started in the middle east have that same childish mindset.

    That's UN-fair to children tho !

  • Gill

    Relgious intolerance, cuts both ways.

    Everyone wants to be right....and in the end, that's what makes them so wrong!

    Damned religions!

  • Elsewhere

    Reminds me of a bumper sticker I used to have: Religion stops a thinking mind.

  • trevor

    My father - a fanatical JW - had a pet saying. 'Sex rears it's ugly head.'

    As the years passed, I came to realize that there is nothing ugly about sex. The idea is put about by religon.

    Now I have a pet saying, 'Religion rears it's ugly head.'

  • Rabbit

    ... a bumper sticker I used to have: Religion stops a thinking mind. 'Religion rears it's ugly head.' thinks a 'bumper sticker' bidness might be a lucrative bidness !

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