Afgan Muslim to Christian Convert faces DEATH PENALTY !

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  • merfi
    If the OT was still in effect...the WTS's Governing Boody would make sure we had 'stonings' at the KH's for DF & DA 'weak' people.

    This reminds me of a comment made to me by an elder at my last JC (a month ago today. wow.) He said that if I was in OT/Israel times, I "would be dead". That effectively extinguished the last bit of flicker I had and I wrote my DA letter the next day...

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  • Rabbit
    He said that if I was in OT/Israel times, I "would be dead".

    He must have been SO disappointed he didn't have that power...

    At least they aren't judgmental like those muslims, huh ?

    I think you've found a good spot to un-wind. You'll be amazed how 'not alone' you are in your experiences...sad because of the sheer numbers, but, good because of the support you'l find from people who believe and understand what you've been thru !

    I look forward to many more posts from ya' !


  • bebu

    Welcome, merfi!

    He said that if I was in OT/Israel times, I "would be dead".

    Seems to me that the wicked leaders and false prophets were the most heavily condemned for leading the sheep astray and they brought on the exile. That man himself should be the one trembling, imo.

    I am sorry you ever had to hear such an undeserving slam.


  • merfi

    (sorry for hijacking this thread...)

    Interestingly, we had just had the study in the WT about how if a repentent person was not welcomed back, and his sadness overtook him and he fell back into satan, then those who SHOULD have been supportive and weren't, were then accountable. I remember looking up at the friggin elder conducting it (same one who the previous day had made this stupid comment) and attempted to convey as much disgust and sadness as possible in a moment of eye contact. Sadly, he's just this way -- haughty, judgemental and never, never wrong.

    I'm so glad to have at least in my own mind, stripped him of his label of elder, as now I no longer fear him. A puny, pathetic little man with humility issues is all I see now.

    Trying not to be bitter, sorry! I think I'm in that first phase of "how could they have done that to me & how could I have been so weak and stupid to allow it...?!"



  • Rabbit
    (sorry for hijacking this thread...)

    Merfi, I started this thread to point out the similarity in attitude of JW's & Muslims. JW's aren't unique in being dogmatic and in being willing and able to "kill" someone in a spiritual sense. There was an article I still haven't been able to find, it was posted on this board, in which the WTS said, (paraphrased) 'They (Christian JW's) were limited in their punishment by secular laws...they could not put people to death for 'apostasy' - here !'

    So, thank you for telling us what happened to you, it's exactly what shows the 'how & why' the Org. does not show the true "Love" they are supposed to have. Sure, not everyone of the elders or the rank & file are that bad. But, being on these boards and reading 1,000's of similar 'lapses' of love & kindness -- shows that the treatment you received is the 'norm', not an 'exception to the rule.'

    More than doctrinal issues, the 'lack of love' and the hypocrisy I saw from the leaders in the KH from the podium and in real life, is what finally opened my eyes.

    My JW mother dying...because she could not accept a blood transfusion...sealed the deal.

    I am MORE than bitter about that ! So, don't beat yourself up. You will go thru all sorts of 'stages', just like people do going thru grief.

    You'll be OK.

    Here's some .


  • 4JWY

    The quote I saw today from the Prime Minister of Austrailia, John Howard, struck me:

    "This is appalling. When I saw the report about this I felt sick literally." Howard told an Austrailian radio network Friday: " The idea that a person could be punished because of their religious belief and the idea they might be executed is just beyond belief".

    Apparently he's not familiar with the JW population of his country and the punishment meted out to them when they have a change of belief. DF'ing, shunning, loss of family and entire social network - a death sentence often. Perhaps this will spark some discussion in Austrailia too.

  • barry

    According to the Sunday Telegraph Afghan Christian Abdul Rahman is likely to be released soon.

    Condoleezza Rice has phoned the Afghan President to step up pressure to free Abdul.

  • blondie

    Case against Christian convert dismissed: report

    Last Updated Sun, 26 Mar 2006 08:37:42 EST CBC News

    An Afghan court has dismissed the case against a Christian convert for lack of evidence, according to a news agency report.

    Abdul Rahman abandoned Islam and became a Christian 16 years ago. (AP Photo/APTN/Ariana Television)

    The Associated Press reported the decision, quoting an anonymous official as saying Abdul Rahman will soon be released from jail.

    Rahman was jailed this month for giving up Islam 16 years ago. He converted to Christianity while working as a medical aid worker for an international Christian group helping Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

    The prosecution was asking for the death penalty for apostasy. The Afghan judiciary is dominated by religious conservatives, many with strong religious ties or backgrounds.

    But the court dismissed the case on Sunday "for a lack of information and a lot of legal gaps," the official told AP.

    Copyright ©2006 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - All Rights Reserved

  • AlmostAtheist

    [Too weird, it only posted half of what I typed. Did Simon install an intelligence filter? No, clearly not, or the whole post woulda been zapped...]

    It's a wonderful thing that they have figured out a way for this guy to escape. It sounds like they are opening the jail door to him and saying, "You'll have to face trial later, unless of course we can't find you. [wink, wink]."

    I'm afraid though that he won't leave the country while he has the chance. Doesn't he sound like he's got some kind of martyr thing going on? I do hope he skedaddles while he can, but I won't be surprised if he forces their hand. Even if they only jail him, he'll surely be killed in prison.

    Run Forrest, Run!


  • wombat

    I've just had a quick flick thru this thread and may have missed something.

    I read that his bloke announced his conversion to Christianity to everyone but no-one took any action. He was so frustrated that he couldn't become a martyr he presented himself at the local police station and did the same. The cops were forced to act.

    This dick-head is just a joke. He's getting his 15 minutes of fame.

    There's no way he will ever be executed. But he will earn heaps on the speech circuits around the world for years. (yawn)

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