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  • upside/down

    You're 60...or so?

    Time to start living well NOW... you're trapped in a "victim" mentality.

    Get a new counseler (not a priest... what would they know about relationships?) and HURRY...times a wasting.

    Wish you the BEST!!!


  • Poodles

    Hi uninformed

    I have asked for money just to see if he would and he always says he doesn't have it even tho i know how much money he earns! He makes three times the amount i do! Did i say he's also a "tightwad"?? I thought of inviting an elder but he won't allow me to know which hall he goes to!!

    Hi cyd0099

    Thank you sweetie, it's only the sex he wants from me, he could care less about if i love him or not!

    Good morning Frannie

    Thank you, i'm still looking for that darn thing!!

    Dear sweet Christine

    Thank you for sharing! When Michael and i broke up, about a week later all i could still think about was getting even but didn't know how to do it in a way that was legal!! So i called his exwife who was visiting one of his daughters and it just so happened that he was there as well!! I had met his x and his three daughters some time back so they knew were i lived and what i looked like but he told them i was "just a neighbor" which i don't think they believed but was easy to accept!!

    His x didn't seem to be surprised or shocked while we spoke, when i got to the part of our conversation were i said "Michael and i have been having sex for the past five and a half years i heard a click on the phone, it seems one of his daughters was listening!! His x ask me why i was telling her about Mikie and i told her that we just broke up because i caught him with another woman!!

    I said that the stress of his hiding me was eating me up and i just couldn't hold it in any longer!! She said "and all this time i thought he was a good christian"! Then she ask if i mind if she told him about what i just said and i said "please do"! As it turned out they didn't discuss it for a couple of weeks and Mikie said he admitted everything to her and she called me a whore and ask him why he did such a stupid thing!

    Of all the people in the world she knows his sex drive better, what a dumb question for her to ask him!! They were married for about 24 years. BTY, men can be whores as well!!

    Love and Peace to you and yours


    Hi Jojochan

    About looking in the mirror, i avoid it everytime i can!!

    Hi upside/down

    Thank you sweetie, i could only seek counseling close by and with no charge for their services! The church was only two blocks away!! It did help to speak to someone who doesn't know us, he took my side on every issue but one, his said i should not have told Michael's x!! It seems all you guys stick together,heeheehee!


  • mkr32208

    Take a video of you guys "together" (paris hilton style) and mail it to his elders that should shake things up a bit!

    I have a hard time feeling too bad for you here! I mean come on 7 years? How often does he hit you?

  • lola28

    Sooo Poodles, if you do dump your boyfriend I will make it my mission to find someone else for you (non JW) just let me know if you want me too look for you.

    lola (AKA Dating Queen)

  • Poodles


    Good idea sweetie, but i'm too shy and isn't that against the law? BTY, he has never hit me, that i would never stand for and he knows it!!


    Thank you sweetie, that is also a good idea! I live in Long Beach!!


  • jgnat

    I still see you are toying with the idea of ignoring our hard-hitting advice. Deep down you must know there's no magic solution to your dillemma. The longer you delay doing what's right, the longer you will remain miserable.

    By the way, I fell in love for the fourth time in my long life when I turned 40. So I understand your reluctance to leave the only romance you've known. Be sure you aren't addicted to the drama.

    I'm still convinced you can love again, and more dramatically, with a better man.

    Also, it's not so hard to find his Kingdom Hall. You could register for a free home bible study at . Some elders from the local congregation will be happy to drop by.

    I don't know if "Palm Beach" is the same as "Palm Beach Gardens" but this is what I found with a quick google search.

    Jehovah's Witnesses Palm Beach Gardens 14100 Palmwood Road
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

  • Poodles

    Hi jgnat

    No, i not trying to ignore the good advice i am receiving here! If after seven years of wanting out and not having the emotional strength to do so, why would a few days of reading all these nice peoples post work! Like some of the post said, when i am good and fed up with the abuse i will put an end to it!

    I have had more drama in my life before meeting Michael that the drama in our relationship is no where near what i have already dealt with!! I hope you are having a great evening, good night and bless your heart!


  • Frog
    No one can take advantage of you without your permission.

    toushe' to this poodles have to ask yourself who's really losing here? I agree also with prior comments on this being more about you and where you're at emotionally than it is actually about him. The way you allow him to treat you is a sure sign of how you feel you deserve to be treated.

    You seem like a smart woman, so do what's best for you, and take good care of yourelf in this, because nobody else is going to do it for you.

    All the best luv, frog x

  • jgnat

    So your big deception, poodles, is believing him when he says you are not strong enough. Funny. The JW's say that to their followers too.

  • Judc

    please see:

    relevant? It just goes to show how deeply emotional abuse and insecurity can run.

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