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  • ferret


    You are really a brute for punishment, seven years of abuse, seek counselling fast. Dump the loser.

  • RubaDub

    "i even went to a priest for counseling to help me end it but that didn't work either!"

    It would certainly make for an interesting reality show.

    You invite the elders (they come in pairs) over for council and you already have a priest there.

    The priest recommends that you end the relationship. Then the elders would be hard pressed to agree with the priest!

    The priest then could ask for a private discussion with the elders. The elders would be in an awkward postion to be "mixing" with the priest.

    You could then ask each one what he recommended, beginning with one elder, the priest, then the other elder.

    You tell them that you will do whatever they all together agree on!

    This could be a real hit!

    Rub a Dub

  • Poodles

    Dear daystar, upsidedown,finally-free, buttlight, cyd0099, poppers, unclebrute, robdar, littlerockguy, lola28, seeking knowledge, sad emo, clam, damselfy, dimples"my favorite", daniel, dr jekyll, ferret and ruba dub,

    Because i wanted to make my thread short and to the point i left many things out and because of that a few things were misunderstood! My bad, i'm sorry!! First i would like to thank everyone, men and women both for your honest imput, that is the way i like to do business so to speak!! His x and his adult daughters know about us thanks to me but they don't know we made up two weeks after we broke up! As far as how much pain am i willing to endure, well, if you only knew what i've been thru in my almost 60 years that would answer your question!!

    I am truely sorry for "pissing anyone off" as it was so nicely put! Now the part about the priest, well when we were broke up i went to a priest for six months of counseling but that didn't work! I know i have to dig deep deep down in the inner most part of my soul to find the strength to end this torment!! As some of you have stated i do deserve what he is doing to me because I AM ALLOWING HIM to do it!!

    I am not doing the chasing, when he wants me he has to hunt me down to find me because i DO NOT sit around and wait for him!! Michael and i are both to blame for what we are doing to each other and we both know it!! In spite of what some of you may think i am not mad or hurt by your comments! I ASK you for them and i got just what i asked for, now didn't i??

    Here are hugs and kisses to you all for the kind and not so kind comments, i know you were only trying to help!


  • damselfly
    Here are hugs and kisses to you all for the kind and not so kind comments, i know you were only trying to help!

    Hard to get mad when you ask isn't it?! Hugs back to you.


  • Poodles

    Thank you Dams!

  • uninformed


    Since you are trying to run from him, and he tracts you down, try this. Tell him you lost all your money in some bad investments and you need to borrow $25,000 from him to pay a lawyer to get your house back.

    He will realize that you are broke and he will need to look for someone else.

    Be sure to cry a lot and beg him a real lot for his help.

    If that doesn't work try this: Next time he is over, call one of his elders to come to your house as you have been wanting to study the Bible with JW's. That will get rid of him for sure.


  • cyd0099

    Even with extra verbage, this still is so very confusing; people know, but then again they don't know... He's not in love with you but seeks you out...

    What has been going on for seven years? I cannot fathom living like that for even the shortest span. My condolences.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Paula, you know what you are willing to put up with and what you're not willing to put up with. When you get to the point that you're no longer willing to put up with being LAST in someone's life, as compared to an in-first-place significant other, you'll find your backbone, your spine, that thing that helps you stand up straight and for yourself on your own two feet.....and take a hike. Nothing anyone else here can say to you about this situation that is entirely yours to deal with will make one iota of difference in the long run.

    Good luck with finding your backbone!


  • ajsmama

    Poodles, I was in a simular situation about 2 years ago with my current fiancee.

    He kept our entire relatoinship secret from his family and JW friends, even though he said he wanted to marry me! I gave him an ultimatum, by our aniversary he had to [email protected] or get off the pot. Well he said, he couldnt do it and dumped me on our day.

    I lost my freakin mind!! This son of a jehovah!! I gave sooo much to him, and my whole family including my SON knew about him and here he was, just able to wash his hands like I never even existed. But little did he know, he dun messed with the wrong woman!!

    So the very next morning I looked up his mama. He made the mistake of telling me what suburb she lived in, and I knew the last name.

    KNOCK, KNOCK- Hi my name is Christine, I have been dating and sleeping with your son for the last 2 years, he dumped me last night because he said his family would never accept me. He said it was cuz of the "religion" . What a coward you have raised!! Well just thought I would do the job for him. Peace!

    You see, I was soo hurt and angry, I wanted him to feel the same way. I WANTED him to hate me, I wanted to never speak to him again, and I needed all of our time together to not have been invisible.

    Plan backfired. The next day, while at work, I get the biggest bunch of flowers delivered to me that I have ever seen, with a note saying, please forgive me. I dont know why but he respected what I did.He told me he understood why , he wasnt mad, and that he would never treat me like that again. Well he got D'Fd for it and still no anger, just regret for how he handled the situation.

    Flash forward, we just had our first baby 6 weeks ago, jehovah-free life is bliss, we still have BIG problems wit his family esp. recently cuz of the baby. They are assholes babe, always will be, im just able to stand my own ground better than the average person .

    Point is, I guess I would have been happy either way it turned out. It would have hurt like hell to lose him, but I would have moved on. We all do. But, call me vengefull, I'de be God damned if I let myself invest that much time in a person, go through that much pain, and let them have the power to walk away unscathed. All the best and good luck,


  • jojochan
    He is controlling, selfish and rarely tells the truth!

    This alone is THE reason to escape while you have your insanity. Especially if he lies TOO much. But since you've been with him for so long easier said than done right? I guess the bottom line is; how does he make YOU feel? Can you honestly look at yourself in the mirror and see a woman in love?

    Something to ponder over right?


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