Global Warming - it's happening right now, how will you respond?

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  • upside/down

    Why is the assumption always that we humans are somehow "visitors" on this planet and ruining it. If we're natural creatures, then everything we do is just part of the "process"... it will all balance out...with or without what? If a Super Volcano were to erupt tomorrow (as they've done all thru out Earth's history...mankind would be f*cked...but the Earth would sweat. Or if a killer asteroid / meteor hit Earth...same what. We're not nearly as we've been led to believe.

    Worry away... it won't affect anything. Man is NOT the vile ruiner of this planet that "the media" portrays, he's doing what he does...just like a termite eating wood doesn't doom the forests of the world...and even if it did...SO WHAT.

    You're just a bio-organism, here for a little while, enjoy it. Sorry to burst anyones self-righteous, over inflated sense of self, egocentric, "godly" view of themselves...

    After steal a "bible" phrase...we're just dust.

  • unclebruce
    unclebruce used to worry me especially when i was a dub. But no

    That's quite profound jojo

    I thought JW's didn't worry about anything - Jah had everything under control. Of course it would be different if it was a brainwashing cult stirring up fear in it's minions at every opportunity.


  • ColdRedRain

    Global warming my ass! There's 6 inches of snow on the ground right now, and it's March. We've had March snow in Minnesota for ages.

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    That's quite profound jojo

    I thought JW's didn't worry about anything - Jah had everything under control. Of course it would be different if it was a brainwashing cult stirring up fear in it's minions at every opportunity.

    Everything scared me as a dub Uncle Brucey. I always viewed global warming as another sign of the end, and knowing that I was nowhere close to being on Jehoover's good side....I knew I'd be destroyed


    luv, jojo

    SWALKER least you got more posts than I did!!! I'm concerned...I love nature and wildlife and it's disturbing to see this happening. Guess we're in the minority....


  • funkyderek
    In Nain, Labrador, hunter Simon Kohlmeister, 48, drove his snowmobile onto ocean ice where he had hunted safely for 20 years.

    Don't snowmobiles contribute to global warming?

    If he's not content with huskies and a sled, why should we go back to horse and cart?

  • greendawn

    We can't control and change the world so as to stop the emmissions of greenhouse effect gases but as I live sufficiently high I don't worry about the estimated rise of the sea level. The earth is striking back at the thoughtless way of filling the environment with toxic and not so toxic chemicals.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey truthseeker (and SWAKER),

    hey, i didn't mean to sound rude or anything this morning before i left for work. and it's not that i am saying people should stop caring, because that is the same as saying that people should care. i am just saying that i don't really care anymore. and it's not really a jaded thing. it's just an aversion to things that are out of my control, and also cause guilt and fear. basically what u/d said in his post just above here, is exactly how i feel about the whole thing. i used to get really worked up about this and logging and the great canadian seal slaughter etc etc, because it is grotesque when i think about them in containment. but in the big picture (if i may call it that), we are just organisms, like u/d said, who are contributing to a natural cycle of the earth. if we ruin it for all the other ones, then it's because some organisms evolved some really smart brains and didn't quite know how to use them, and ruined it for the rest. but that is still a natural process, albeit probably the first in the earths history. still natural, however.

    i don't have kids no. getting a visectomy in april. but we're all brothers and sisters gentically anyways, so my dna doesn't mean anything anyways. and that's how i feel about the environment and any kids i may have. sure i'd love them. but again, this world is just as much their problem as it is mine, and was my parents and ancestors all the way back to the first little group of h saps. or maybe, in an apostacy-type way to anything that should cause undue guilt and fear, *the world is not a problem at all*. not for a dung beetle, with whom i share a common ancestor, and not for me, with the big computer in my skull. it's perfect, in all it's glorious blood and sweat and puss... and sun and water.

    i guess in a way, i have become an apostate to an idea. the idea that the world can be better than it is. a better world. i don't need it personally. but i wish you the best in your journey.

    cheers, :)


  • DanTheMan
    Global Warming - it's happening right now, how will you respond?

    By not having kids.

    ts, you've got my wheels turning with your comments. Kinda makes me feel all mellow when I think along those lines, lol

  • hallelujah

    Great thread truthseeker

    I especially like the solar cup engine.

    Actually the problem is where the investment dollar is put. It's so simple to invest in mining. I've been involved in my families investments and though I have no money of my own, my actions are yet to follow my ethics, though I don't advise anyone to invest in uranium mining or exploration.

    However it always worries me that mines destroy both underground acquifer's, requiring huge volumes of pumping, up to 11million litres per day over the life of one particular ordinary underground mine. I also worry that the resources are not really going to needs, but rather to wants.

    While mining copper may support electricity and water supply infrastructure, it doesn't help those hundreds of millions who have no access to clean drinking water. Rather we have mining executives in Australia warning the government to tone down it's rhetoric about Chinese military expansionism. (Not that we have any rhetoric about US and Australian military expansionism).

    Funnily enough I suggested an innovative solar company to some of my family members but they thought it was too risky. The stocks have traded between 500% and 1500% above their listing price after first floating on the Australian stock exchange in May. If anyone wants the name of the company just ask and I'll post it. But I won't name it here because I'm not advertising a company, rather an idea.

    Solar energy companies have been some of the best performers too on the German stock exchange.

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