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  • mark hughes
    mark hughes

    Welcome frog!

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    Welcome on board! As you can see from looking around you are not alone!

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    Hi frogginator, and welcome to the board

  • greendawn

    Welcome to the forum, you will find here many ppl that can readily understand your position, there is much that will show beyond all doubt that the JWs are very wrong on numerous issues and that the "apostates" have got the more reasonable part of the argument.

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    Hello Frogginator. Welcome to the board.


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    Welcome froggi!

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    having finally steeled my courage to read such 'apostate' literature online over the past few days, I've started to realize that I don't need to have been abused or had exceptionally horrible experiences while still in the congregation in order to be traumatized by it now. I've really been craving talking to others in my situation.

    Your comment struck me, because I used to feel the same way. It was only until I realized what the true meaning of "Apostate" is according to the Bible. It is someone who denies Christ Jesus and Jehovah God. Unlike what the organization teaches, that apostacy is the denying of the ORGANIZATION. Realizing this I felt my guilt leave, because most here still love God and Jesus. You may not agree with everything said here, nor do all agree on what they believe. And thats O.K. But what you will find is, real people who truely care about each other. We all have a common thread, and that is, we want to let others who are out there and lonely know they have a safe haven here, and we know what they are going through! We look forward to hearing more from you, glad to have you on board!!


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