Thee absolute Vicious, Hateful, Malicious comment......

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  • TooOpinionated

    What a horrible thing to say!

    I hope you will feel better. I know those words will ring in your head for a long time and make you miserable (as they were obviously intended to do), but hang in there.

    Don't give her the satisfaction of seeing you upset.

  • Odrade

    ah jebus, Brooke. (((( brooke )))) you want me to come kick her in the shins? (kidding) You need to tell her she is not allowed to talk to you that way. I had to do it with my brother, (he told me he "loathed" me,) and you know what? He doesn't hardly talk to me at all anymore, because he can't figure out how to talk nicely to me.
    Sorry she's behaving like that. Don't buy into what she said. If you have happy, well-behaved children, you are a good mommy. And there is no Armaggedon, so you're protecting them from being terrified of the boogeyman too. Good for you! more ((((( brooke )))))

  • Legolas


  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    Hi Sweetie,

    Freedom Lover is right. Boundaries!!! Starting with why is she searching YOUR home.

    Unless she is paying your rent, mortgage , taxes etc she is a 'guest' in your home and will honor the boundaries afforded her as such. That includes coming in when allowed, calling first of course, removing dirty footwear and if she can be polite she might just get some refreshment.

    I spent many, many years cramming their beliefs down the throats of 3 innocent little boys and dragging them kicking and screaming to meetings. I even would have to run through the bushes and the woods to bring them back to the house to catch our ride on Sunday ams. Leaving me looking like a bag lady with torn nylons and bloody scratches on my legs. But I did this as I was determined to fulfill my duty as being a great mommy as dictated to me by all the elderettes in the borg. The elderly sister that gave us rides never had the inclination to wait for me to clean up so I always looked trashed.

    Now I have 3 adult sons who can not figure out whether to hate me for dragging them through this torture while giving them nothing for good happy memories or whether to hate me for waiting all these years and then leaving a belief system that I had convinced them meant life.

    What I am saying is this type of cruelty and harshness is a two edged sword. Enjoy your baby and remember she hit you with the only weapon that she had that could hurt you... your relationship with your daughter.

    She must have been shocked when her circular reasoning fell short on you!!! hehehehe

    You are a good and kind soul. Never forget that. p.s. frame that holloween and the birthday pics of your little girl and put them on the walls.


    Mary in the cabin.

  • ColdRedRain

    Brooke, be strong. If your sister ever pulls this bullshit again on you, tell her that's exactly why you believe the religion's a cult because no real Christian would ever tell somebody that they're a bad mother for not believing in their form of religion. It might get you in a fight, but hell, you can sue her for assault and no judge and jury in the world would rule against you. -CRR of the abusive family class.

  • TooOpinionated
    frame that holloween and the birthday pics of your little girl and put them on the walls.

  • Balsam


    Your sister was speaking from the viewpoint that you are not raising your kids in the mental regulating of the WTB$TS when she said you were a bad mother. If you know the "troof" and don't raise your kids in it you are a bad mother. She is full of nonsense, and she fully brain washed. Her day is coming when her children will hate her for raising them in that friggen crazy religion.


  • JH

    You seem to be a good mother and a good person Brooke.

    It's the Watchtower people I'm worried about...

  • Sunnygal41

    ((((Brooke)))) Sounds like your sister knew exactly which emotional buttons to push to bring you into line with her own views..............don't let her manipulate you that way. If I were you, I'd just sit there and smile quietly.....and when she asks you what you are smiling about, tell her that you are watching the show she's putting on. Tell her that she can forget about trying to make you feel guilty, that you KNOW that you are just fine and that maybe she might want to take a good long look at her need to put others down to make herself feel righteous. Of course, we all know she is just reacting to the fear tactics that the WTS uses on all of us............I feel sad for people like that now, cuz I know why they are the way they are.


  • lowden

    Hey Brooke,

    Thing is my dear is that you know that spiteful shitty comment is firstly, not true and secondly....not the comment of a true Christian person. People that are closest to us, sadly think that they have a right to say what they want to us. You hear it when they start or end a converation with '' I'm only saying this because i love you''.....which is the way they try and soften the blow of saying something really horrible. Brooke there's NO excuse for that kind of behaviour in your sister....your SISTER for gods sake!! Treat i with the contempt it deserves, whether she's brainwashed or not. If a JW said that to me, whether or not my kin...i'd punch the bastard!! Hope you work it all out babe.



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