Thee absolute Vicious, Hateful, Malicious comment......

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    Just because it hurts it doesn't mean it's true. It hurts because someone you are close to said something very unkind to you. Don't buy into the insanity...but it is o.k. to feel hurt. I would definately let your sister know the difference, telling her that what she said was offensive and abusive to you. Let her know that your kids feel that you are a great mom and that's what counts!

    (Then SLAP her hard...not really!!!)


    P.S. The above advice about setting rules in your own house is good...if they can't come over and play nice they will have to go home. Period.

  • EAGLE-1

    My jw tyrant parents and their jw ASSociates taught me how NOT to parent.Hope you are doing better.



  • stillajwexelder

    Well we all love you Brooke ((((((hugs))))))

  • Surreptitious

    Your sister was clearly jealous that she didn't get to wear the pointy black hat and ride the broom. Besides, you're so much prettier than she is...

  • nicolaou

    I love my brother but if he'd said something like "your a terrible dad" to me, just for getting my children out of the Watchtower, I'd have decked him!

    Love to you Brooke

  • lola28


    Hon you should just tell her it's your world and she is just lucky to be living in it.


  • Fleur

    *deeeeeep breath*

    Ohhhh, Brooke. (((((huge hug)))))

    Where to begin?

    Then she said I was a Horrible Mother. My heart sank.

    Are you sure your sister isn't also my sister?

    My elderette sister declared me an "abusive parent" for denying her access to my child (read, denying her the ability to not talk to me, to come pick my child up and take her to her house and to meetings for further brainwashing...if that's abuse...) same sister who asked if I was "raising my daughter to be a fornicator like" I am because I left a man who abused me and then found one who treats me like gold.

    I don't know how old your children are now...I know when I started this journey my daughter was a baby and too young to understand what was going on. When she was shunned by my sister, she grieved it like a death but she knows now, as she gets older, that I have been protecting her from someone who is mentally unstable.

    She is better off without my sister in her life. From the sound of it, your children would be better off without yours unless she changes, deeply and truly, right quick.

    You're not at all alone in this. Don't let her shake you, though I know it took me a long long time to see my own sister's comments for what they were. I'm glad at the time I reacted the appropriate way, with anger and told her she had no business judging me.

    Protect yourself, and protect your children from anyone no matter bloodline or not, who would degrade you that way. You deserve so much better and so do they.

    ((((huge hugs))))


    (of the been there, lived that, class)

  • freedomlover

    Oh Brooke that was a sucker punch from your sister. She should have been thrown out of YOUR house!

    You definitly need to draw some boundaries with such abusive, toxic people. You need to NEVER let them speak like that to you again.

    I know there is nothing else that can get me madder than someone accusing me of being a bad mother. BITE ME!! ARGHHHH!

    I know for certain you are a good mom because of that adorable little smiling face of your daughter from her birthday party! That was one happy little sweetie pie.

    you are saving your daughter from emotional abuse and blackmail. That alone scores you way extra "mom" points in my book.

  • ferret

    Sorry to hear of such mean comments. They wer losing the argument with you about their beliefs, so they as usual change the subject. Forgive them for they know not what they do, it is part of their training in dubland.

  • anewme

    Brooke, Scully's reaction and advice was correct. JWs are so used to being scolded and put down they (we) dont know how to correctly respond when we are being insulted and kicked.

    The entire organization of Watchtower Bible Students lacks respect for the beliefs of others. You need to teach your mom and sister that lesson right now.

    You really do need to center for what is best for you and your children in this regard. Dont let them fool you into thinking you are a bad mom. Believe me your children will be so glad years from now that you did not raise them in such a restrictive cult. You can teach them about love for God and respect for life and all the ethics of man right at home.

    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society started out as a small group of Christians who created a publishing company for the purpose of advertising what they thought was important for people to know.
    It has grown into the multi billion dollar corporation you see today. Its absurd that so many today worship it practically like it was Gods heavenly kingdom on earth! Wake up people!
    And its fruitage is they are not creating people who are using their hearts.
    They are creating robots who merely defend the corporation, drones who preach to create more drones.

    Case in point, their unchristlike mean angry accusations spoken to you.
    To say that you are a bad mother was perhaps the most hurtful thing they could have said to you.
    They MUST apologize!
    Accept nothing less!
    This may be the beginning of a new dynamic for you!
    Be strong!


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