I just got hold of the WTS Aust branch 2005 Financial Report

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  • ozziepost

    G'day wombles,

    my donations to humanitarian relief work (Medecine sans Frontiers) were about half of what a church with over $16 mill revenue gave.

    You make a good point and it's great to see that post-borg we see how good it is to help our fellow huumans in a real sense.

    Still I wonder if you've examined whether your dollar is being put to the best use?

    This from the MSF site:

    we know that the public health challenges that Cambodia already faces will only get worse with more stringent intellectual property protection on medicines.

    This typical 'smokescreen' statement begs the question of whether they are trying to provide 'best practice' medicine in Cambodia right now?

    From my own 'on the ground' examination they are part of the problem, not the solution.

    But that's my personal view I know.

    cheers, Ozzie

  • wombat

    Ozzie...I don't grasp your point but I'll PM you rather than divert this thread.

    Mate, are the real estate assets (all the KHs) included in their quoted $30 mill assets? If not, who owns them?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I think Elsewhere or reexaminer would both be very very very interested in these reports

  • Scully

    And they have the audacity to call themselves a "small business"? Watchtower claim to be a small business to avoid Privacy Act. What do I do?

  • jgnat

    Here in Canada they count their educational work as charitable activity. So in Australia, these two activies would also be counted as charitable:

    Evangalizing $1.6 million

    Teaching $2.4 million

    I've read a news article about JW activities in Haiti, and a JW told the reporter they teach the natives about pure living TM , (i.e. avoid fornication) as a way of promoting healthful living TM .

  • Inquisitor

    Like Frog, I too would like to know if it is possible for any member of the public to purchase the Aus WBTS financial report, and how.

    Tell me Pleeeassse!!!!!


  • sf

  • Gerard

    With all that money guess how much went to charity work?

    "Shepherding (hospital information, legal support, humanitarian relief work)" $1,391

    It appears the Aust branch received charity status in 2001, so now is tax exempt as a charitable entity.

    There must be a minimum percentage they must give to charity in order to qualify as a "charitable organization". If you can't afford to sue them, at least report the anomaly to the treasury department or whatever office oversees this in Australia.


  • ozziepost
    Mate, are the real estate assets (all the KHs) included in their quoted $30 mill assets? If not, who owns them?

    A Registered Australian public company, limited by guarantee and named "Jehovah's Witnesses Congregations". It was licensed by the ASIC to omit "Limited" from its name. It has the ACN 001 825 618 Registered Office: 11 Raby Road, Catherine Field NSW 2171 (this is the address of the Sydney Assembly Hall and is quite close to the Australia Bethel) It was first registered on 25/1/1996

    Ozzie...I don't grasp your point but I'll PM you rather than divert this thread.

    It's OK - my point was simply an aside that we should be wary of where we donate to charity - the glossy promo materials may not tell the real story. After all, charity is to benefit the recipients, not those who do the charity work or, as in the case of Cambodia, simply replicate the corrupt provision of medical services. Cheers, Ozzie

  • ozziepost

    Oops, I omitted to say that title to the KH properties and Assembly Halls is held by the above company, not the Watch Tower Society of Australia.

    Now comes the punchline: the value of the properties is NOT SHOWN in the accounts of that company since it simply holds the title of the KHs etc.

    On my reckoning, the WT manages to avoid reporting their value anywhere.

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