I just got hold of the WTS Aust branch 2005 Financial Report

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  • ozziepost


    There millions more in assets of the kingdom halls. On the WTS report it just includes $4 million for property, being the value of the Australian Bethel branch.

    Did ya miss my post?


  • jwfacts

    Thanks Ozzie, I did see your comment and mentioned in my correspondence to the Privacy Commissioner the "Jehovah's Witnesses Congregation" so that they know without any doubt that the WTS is not a small business. I found that very interesting that they have set up a separate company just for the halls.

  • ozziepost


    Here's my understanding of the situation:

    The 'wicked' churches each prepare statutory accounts which show values of their properties, as well as properly record income and expenditure. despite what the WTS claims, churches do pay tax - some income is subject to GST for example, and from what I've seen at closehand, it's required to allow no subterfuge or tax avoidance.

    One denomination I'm familiar with, the Anglican Church has a company, the Anglican Church Property Trust, that holds title to all properties. However, the valuations are included in each church's (parish's) statutory accounts.

    Compare that with JWs and their WTS in Australia where congregations do not, as you know, prepare statutory accounts and certainly never submit themselves, nor even register, for GST. Thus, although there is a company holding title to KH properties, they have managed to position themselves to avoid making public the extent of their real estate holdings. There certainly isn't transparency.

    So much for their empty boast about respecting the "superior authorities".

  • jwfacts

    You are correct about a lack of tranperancy. I used to do the congregation audit and after a while came to notice that I was only auditing one bank account but that there was a second account that I had not been told about. I made a fuss that the congregation deserve to know that there was over $20,000 sitting in a second account, but the secretary was very against the idea because he was worried that donations would go down if people knew of the amount. I pushed the point and once they did mention the amount in the second account. It did not take long before they stopped mentioning it again.

  • NewYork44M

    I am a CPA and would love to get a copy of the financial statements. If I can get a copy I will provide an analysis of the statements and report on this site..

  • juni

    I liked the comment about Al Capone - that's the only way they got him - on tax evasion.

    This smells like a very big rat to me!! Is this money laundering?? Or is this an example according to them of being "cautious as a serpent, yet innocent as a dove"?

    Goes along w/their membership w/UN as a NGO.

    Juni grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Elsewhere

    My my my... I was bumping around the internet and I stumbled onto the 2005 Financial Statements and Reports for the Watchtower Society of Australia.

  • candidlynuts

    thats great that you were able to find it and host it else..

    ok...........heres the expenses and losses.......... 2005 on left column 2004 on right..

    check out how generously they spent on sheparding....... i have to wonder what the evangalizing and teaching expenses are since everyones a volunteer..and it doesnt count publishing cuz it has its own category. unless its for gilead school or something.


  • blondie

    Watchtower Travel

    Many businesses either have an in-house travel office or contract out for such services. I work for a company that does that. The concept is that by coordinating the volume of travel in one agency, money can be saved. I just wonder what traveling they do; is this part of the international conventions?

    I understood that the district or circuit paid for the expenses of visiting Bethel speakers.


  • AudeSapere
    Blondie wrote: I just wonder what traveling they do; is this part of the international conventions?

    2004 $1,065,000+ worth of travel

    2005 $ 580,000+ worth of travel

    That seems like an awful lot of ticketing expense for a branch to incur.


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