Do you hate to travel?

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  • jayhawk1

    After looking at one of the topics on here about which JW event you disliked the most, it got me to thinking. I think that because of assemblies and conventions, I still hate to travel. As a kid just about the only time I ever went anywhere, it was to go to an assembly or convention. I never liked them, my parents didn't appear to like them and it wasted the vacation time and funds. So rarely was it that my family ever went anywhere that wasn't connected to a JW event. I even remember once getting out and we went to a Kingdom Hall build! Once again another wasted vacation!

    "Pass the whiskey, I need to consult the Spirit." J.F. Rutherford.

  • anewme

    Well Jayhawk you are only 30 years old. Its high time to get out there and experience what a realy vacation is all about! And it is not volunteering at a KH quick build!

    Im sure many young ones of zealous JW parents can relate to your bad memories of wasted vacations.

    But you are still young darlin to turn your life around and make it an adventure!



  • jstalin

    Go to Rome. You'll love traveling after that.

  • rwagoner

    I have to travel all over the USA for my business and, while I hate being away from my wife and kids, I love to travel.

    We just got a MAJOR contract that will take us to New York City and Atlanta, GA. about every 3 month and I can't wait to get to know those cities better.

    I usally take a few trips for work and learn the place and then return with the family to show them around for a real vacation.

  • xjwms

    Put me on a plane...

    anywhere, .... and anytime, .... all I want to do is GO.

    We have been doing two and three trips a year since 2003

  • Finally-Free

    Maybe I'm weird, but I don't really like travelling, except within my own province. I've done a bit of it - I went to Europe once, to the USA a few times, and to BC once. It seems like I always fall into a bit of a depression upon returning from a trip, so it's easier to avoid going in the first place.


  • RubaDub

    I wouldn't use the term "hate" but I dislike travel when it involves flying.

    It just seems that with more and more airlines in bankruptcy (over 50% of all USA domestic seats are on airlines in bankruptcy) they just keep trying to squeeze every last cent out of you while making the flying "experience" miserable.

    Unless you are in first/business class, there is no real food anymore, legroom is minimal and they try to squeeze every last person into the planes. Northwest airlines last week just started charging more for an aisle seat! Others are contemplating charging you for each bag you check in or carry on.

    Plus, you never know how long the line will be to get through security.

    If I can drive instead of fly (a 4 to 5 hour drive) I generally take the car.

    Rub a Dub

  • garybuss

    I love to travel by land. I did a lot of leisure travel on motorcycle. I love to stay in campgrounds. My partner hates to travel so I think my travel days are over.

  • Crumpet

    I adore travelling. In fact the destination however glam is not what I look forward to as much as teh actual journey. I just like being on the move whether its going to a friend's or to another country or back home again. I think at my best when I'm on a moving train or car or plane.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I've been traveling most of my life. At 10, I was put on a bus and sent 300 miles to camp and loved the travel time. Once my mother got hooked up with the JWs I loved traveling on the bus filled with dubs. That was my first experience with sign language. I was hooked and later grabbed the opportunity to learn so I could translate at the meetings (a lot better than just sitting there nodding off). Now I regularly take the bus from Ottawa to Montreal and back. Because of the wheelchair (which gets stowed under the bus) I get pre-boarding so I don't have to walk too far. When I go to Toronto sometine this year I want to take the adapted bus that boards me AND the wheelchair.

    Train travel was fun but it is so expensive.

    Plane - awesome. My first flight was in a friend's private plane. I just wnated to watch everything (but he forced me to fly the plane). Another time I went up on a tiny single prop - I hated that. Sardine cans in the sky is just NOT the way to go. I absolutely love the passenger planes.

    Car travel. I love to stop and see the scenery along the way. Travel on a rushed schedule really sucks.

    Once I drove a truck from Montreal to Winnipeg. That would have been better if I wasn't traveling with two insane, constanly meowing terrified cats to keep me company.

    As for the motorcycle - been on once and the biker decided to scare the crap out of me so if I'm never on one again I won't mind.

    Bicycle - I used to ride 100 KM a day at least 3 times a week. I loved it.

    I forgot one - ship - cruising is unbelievably fabulous.

    City streetcars, buses and subways are always fun to sit back and watch the scenery go by. I have learned so much about this city just by traveling on a bus to where ever the transit goes. So many people use these for practical purposes but to just get on and see where it goes just for the sake of exploration is fun.

    My main means of travel now around Ottawa is wheelchair. I go everywhere with that chair. I can go faster than people walking and almost as fast as the joggers. I have seen more of the sites in this city than I have seen anywhere. People are surprised to find out how far I can go on this chair. I should be getting my new one this week and it is supposed to be even better with great suspension.

    Travel is more difficult with the wheelchair but it isn't impossible.

    Do I hate to travel? Nope not one sigle bit but it's still NO to the motorcycle

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