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  • Mary
    My son worked out in the hot summer in NC and had his hair all shaved off down to about 1/4" so he would but get so hot. The Elders would not let him handle the mikes because of his hair being considered too short. They told him it looked like he was a skin head.

    There's no pleasing these goombas. First, they have braindead articles warning against the brothers having their hair too long, and then with the same tongue, they go and bash another brother for having his hair too short. They did the same thing with the length of the sisters' dresses. You know how they're always whining about "dressing modestly" and how the sister's skirts should be below the knee, right? Well several years ago, we had a talk in our Hall (local needs), because some of the sisters were wearing skirts and dresses that were "too long". Yes, we had to be careful that we didn't become "slaves to fashion" by wearing "the latest" or whatever was in vogue. Don't you know that wearing skirts that are too long is just one short step away from 'postacy?

    This is such a negative organization. What would they do if everyone suddenly started averaging 30 hours a month in Service, if no one ever missed a meeting and we all gave all our cha-ching to the WWW? If everyone dressed like they were auditioning for a part in Leave It To Beaver and no one ever committed adultery or fornication, if no one ever drank too much or did drugs or questioned anything the GB ever said.

    They'd STILL find things to complain about because they're simply not happy unless they're bitching about something----anything. After all, that's the best way to keep someone down.


  • daystar


    the sad thing is that there are sincere people in that org' that actually take this utter BOLLOCKS onboard. I used to.

    You beat me to the punch.

    The really sincere ones that are really trying to be good JWs will not ignore things like this. Even more sad is that, at least in my old cong., it was the educated who got positions of authority more often than not. And yet they still had the audacity to preach the evils of secondary education to the rest!!

    "Supress the masses!! Strengthen the elite!!"

  • delilah

    what if you foresee the possibility of your falling in love with the work.

    huh? what if we do love our job? It sure makes the day go a hell of a lot easier if we like , or love our job!!! And so what if we decorate our homes??? I know elders wives whose homes are constantly under decorative restoration....almost every six months or so, just to keep up with the Jones's.

    They just want to keep everyone SO busy, they have no time for anything....look how many lives they'e ruined thus far? There's no time for being a family, for heaven's sake!!!

    They've gone way too far when they start dictating the way people have their hair cut and styled....

  • delilah

    Then I guess this mullet style is certainly out of the question for young aspiring brothers.??!!

  • Dune

    I know a bald brother thats an elder, so this "skinhead" BS is blowing me away. Sometimes i think elders WANT some of their people to become discouraged.

  • rhian


    It's hard to remember how to dream when you've squelched it for so long...for me, at least 35 years, if not longer.

    The deal is, I did it for so long with the sheer faith that Jehovah would indeed shower me with "divine blessings" if I just hung in there...but they never came!

    I find it interesting that the quote from the 4-15 WT says "to continue to enjoy divine blessings...;" How many JWs actually REALIZE that they AREN'T enjoying them NOW? How many years did it take ME to realize it?


  • rhian

    "Then I guess this mullet style is certainly out of the question for young aspiring brothers.??!!"

    When my 18-year-old son was an aspiring young brother, he was used to run the microphones at the meetings. He liked to take a gold tie chain and wear it at the top of his tie, near the knot, instead of down in the middle where they were normally worn. That was the extent of his "independent spirit." The CO came & told the elders if he didn't stop wearing it like that they couldn't use him any more.


  • Amazing1914


    Good quotes. I love the one about "falling in love" with our jobs. The Society use to worry about committing adultry with co-workers ... now they are worried about loving the job. Wow! It is all simply amazing.

    Jim W.

  • EAGLE-1

    Seems like every F-------- meeting I went to my hair was brought up.To all you F-------- dubs my hairs getting longer and longer.Say something now and I will rip your head off and spit down your neck....hehe

  • Anitar

    With all the problems going on in their organization, they focus on HAIR??? I'm not surprised, ignoring the

    elephant in the room is what the Watchtower does best. If I didn't know better, I'd say they were

    republicans, he he. (sorry, no offense intended)

    Not one word is mentioned about stopping child molesters or embezzeling money from hurricane victims. They

    really do look at the rank and file as pieces of meat.

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