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  • garybuss

    Many of the neo-Witness are like a picky eater at a smorgasbord. They take what they want and leave the rest. That's the way I was as a Witness.

  • VM44

    "falling in love with your job"

    Well, that is a new one! Never read before in the literature where the Watchtower spoke against "Falling in love with your job".

    With regards to "Higher Education" the Watchtower has paid for people to take courses in engineering, law, or accounting. They did this because they had a need for for people with such advanced education and training.

    Notice how the article condemns "Higher Education" if it leads to a individual having career in this world. However, the Watchtower DOES support "Higher Education" if it has to do with something it wants.

    It really is not a matter of pursuing spiritual matters, but really how something will benefit The Watchtower Publishing Corporation!

    The Watchtower is SELFISH! It only thinks about itself!


  • stillAwitness

    So now its wrong to love your job? Imagine a non-JW reading this dog poop. But then again, if you listen to the talks given they always bring up our "secular jobs" in a negative light. "Friends, imagine when there will be a time when all our work will be dedicated to Jehobah and not wordly man"

    Notice how the article condemns "Higher Education" if it leads to a individual having career in this world, but the Watchtower DOES support "Higher Education" if it has to do with something it wants.

    I remember an elder speaking proudly about a guy he knew who got a engineer degree paid for by the WT. He thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I'm thinkin hello can't u see the contradiction??

  • stillajwexelder

    In Watchtower world, unfortunately, spirituality is only expressed by attending meetings, Bible study and field service. What a shallow, shallow view of being spiritual.

    So true seeker4

  • Seeker4

    In Watchtower world, spirituality seems to be everywhere, like an ocean. In reality, it's only about an inch deep.


  • orbison11

    Ah yes, imagine falling in love with your job to the point you become one of the top performers in your field,,,,

    so after a great accomplishment, you drape the american flag on your back and run around the track a few times,,,

    oh i forgot,,,the williams sisters are in good standing,,,what was i thinking:)

  • rhian

    Well, what if you foresee the possibility of your falling in love with the work. (yes, you read that right). You are told that you would not be forced to work overtime. But to finish a project, would you be willing to push yourself more than you should? Might such overtime become frequent? Could that take you away from your family and eventually from spiritual activities that you definitely should not miss?

    Wow. This really hits home. I was raised a JW, baptized 35 years ago. All my life I gave up EVERYTHING that REALLY excited me for fear I would "fall in love" with it and it would take me from "the truth." How could I put more time into something I loved when I wasn't doing enough for Jehovah as it was? How could I read a novel when I couldn't bring myself to read all the publications? This was exactly my thinking, although I don't remember ever seeing it stated so directly in the pubs before.

    You know where all that sacrifice got me? OUT. By the time I decided to pursue something that would bring me some joy and happiness, even though I KNEW it would lead me away from what I thought was the truth, I was nearly suicidal!

    And yes, I think there are many "picky eaters"...and that's the beginning of the end. If you can't swallow the whole ball of wax, it means your mind is still working...but not all are "neo-Witnesses"...thank the gods I had a pagan therapist 20 years ago that got me to pay attention and started me thinking again!


  • serendipity

    I also put passions on hold and now I don't know what I want to do for a job or hobbies.

  • stevenyc

    "now they show no inclination to return to Jehovah's service"

    Says the multi-billion dollar corporation.


  • searcher
    Page 22: "...Frankly, how much emphasis do I put on my home and its decoraton?

    That is hilarious.

    When I was studying, I used to love going to the meetings, listening to the talk, get entirely the wrong message, then talking enthusiastically about at and watch them fall all over themselves trying to ‘adjust’ me while not stumbling me.

    After one meeting, the Elder who I was studying with, invited me to his home to ‘talk further’ about the subject of the day.

    While at his home, he apologised for the condition of the house, the downstairs was immaculate, but they were decorating the whole upstairs in readiness for the CO’s visit, he was going to stay with them in their home.

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