God shunned all, but Jews and christians with the correct understanding?

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  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hey friends, another quick thought...In Gen. 21...when Abraham has to send his son Ishmael away, he told Abraham, he would make Ishmael into a great nation.. because he was his son. So why couldn't the muslims also have God's favor? What do you think?///

  • gumby

    I know EXACTLY where your coming from A Paduan. Witnesses and ex-witnesses aren't idiots as to the bible as you believe they are.

    So, your a spiritual jew eh? You "represent" what a literal jew WAS do you not? What was that jew that made him special in that YOU are a spiritual one?


  • JamesThomas

    Few ultimately care knowing what oranges do.

  • stevenyc

    Star Moore, you've hit on a good point.

    If we go back in time by 1700 years or so, and change the governmental system of the 'known' world to be rulled not by the Romans but some country in the middle of Africa, we would now be having this same discussion but about ' Zoomblato the God of all things'.


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    I know EXACTLY where your coming from A Paduan.

    You've no idea where I have come from Gumby - I have been wondering as to the point of posting here lately, as no one understands the language - I try to put it into terms that may be understood, only to make a hash of it anyway - it's best I'm away from here and gone now.

    When I was a child we would gather in an old place with my ancestors - it was nicely adorned, and there was a priest in a robe, whose place had succeeded through thousands of years - it was underground, a place called the crypt, of hewn stone, and as we listened to the readings I would look up at the sunlight filtering in from above - you know, I really can't imagine that you have any idea where I am coming from.

    As for 'witnesses' not being idiots to the bible, tell me, what is it that they have done with it?

  • gumby

    A Paduan, I don't desire you leave here

    You've been a bit of a mystery on the board as you never speak much more than a sentence or few. I'd be interesting in knowing you a bit more.....so why not open up a bit as you just did. That's the most intimate I've heard you speak here.

    Btw...I'm not an advocate of the witnesses as you know....but I do know many know their bibles. They may twist the bible in ways it wasn't meant to twist it, but they know their bibles as well as much of christendom( at least serious witnesses). They fail to see the christian message for sure, I'll agree on that. Sorry if I got your goat.


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    It wasn't just you Gumby - I don't believe that I belong here anymore - and I still think that what jws know about bibles is at best diversionary

    and without Him was nothing made that was made

  • gumby

    Well APaduan, I guess if your not happy here and you feel you serve no purpose with regards to your beliefs, then maybe it's best you go. But, it's takes ALL types here to make this forum..and your a type...so don't feel your not wanted here.

    I'm glad I caught you before I turned in for the evening. Do what you feel is best, but your always welcome back.

    Hugs buddy,


  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Thanks for the posts guys... James T. You said:

    Great problems arise when we unquestionably attribute the infinite expression of life and universe to a tiny tribal god who exists only within the confusing concepts and confines of some peoples minds

    Do you really think the God of all the jews, christians and even muslims, is a tiny tribal god.?

    Steven: An african god would be just as real to an african, right..

    Just another point on the muslims. Gen. 17:20 NWT "But as regards Ishmael I have heard you Look! I will bless him and will make him fruitful and vill multiply him very very much.....I will make him become a great nation."

    So not only is God going to make him a great nation but bless him.. So how can people say that God is

    only with the jews or christians.? God goes on to say but for Issac the covenant will be with him. So, the was I see it, the covenant for the messiah to come in the bloodline..would be thru Issac but God would still be with the Muslims... Hey this could really put a different slant on how a person would view the war against the Muslims?

  • Clam
    Could God just totally ignore all good people in every religion but the Jews and JW's.. ? I don't think that's possible..

    Me neither Starmoore. It's one of many human concepts that brings a supposed all loving creator into disrepute. Your religion more often than not is dictated by where you're born or at least the culture into which you're born. So for instance if you're born a Jain in India but you don't convert to "the right type of Christianity", you've had your chips.

    Daft isn't it?

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