Dr Who

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  • ballistic

    It's Billie Piper, I have her album which is a bit sad I know.

  • luna2

    Oh crud! I don't get sci fi channel any more. I loved the old Dr. Whos that they used to show on WTTW out of Chicago.

  • ballistic
  • Leolaia

    dorayakii....Yeah they in fact made a point about mentioning the Dr.'s Northern accent....tried to listen for his vowels (i.e. saying "nut" like "put"). I really like Piper's character, do you know how long she'll be with the show? Hopefully more than just a few eps...

    My favorite Dr. is Pertwee....

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Another fan here - got all the dvd's for the Ecclestone Doctor

    CS 101

  • luna2

    I was a big fan of the 4th doctor, Tom Baker. I hadn't seen the series before him. Never could get used to his sucessor.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll
    I really like Piper's character, do you know how long she'll be with the show? Hopefully more than just a few eps...

    Shes won arm loads of awards for this show and its resurrected her acting career.

    She stays the whole season, 12 or 13 episodes and shes under contract to do the next, which should be airing on British TV this Easter.

    Next weeks episode The Unquiet Dead is a bit scary, especially for small children and pretty soon when The Empty Child airs you'll find out why British school play grounds were full of little kids saying "are you my mummy ?"

  • VM44

    I caught a replay Sunday lat night of the first two episodes.

    Both were good, kept in the spirit of the original series where The Doctor always appeared when some sort of trouble, usually an alien invasion of some sort, was about to happen. Hence the warning, "If the Doctor appears, there is going to be trouble" Which is true, if you think about what has happened in all shows from the previous incarnations of Dr Who.

    The new series breaks somewhat from the previous series, which is also good. Starting fresh allows greater story freedom rather than being tied down trying to maintain continuity with the over 25 year history of the previous programs.

    So good things might be expected for the 2005/2006 version of Dr Who.

    I did think though that the "Last Surviving Human" in the second episode was somewhat of a "stretch"!


  • mrsjones5

    Oh you're so punny!

  • DannyHaszard

    Fan over 30 years

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