Dr Who

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  • mrsjones5

    I just saw the newest Dr Who...loved it, can't wait for the next episode. Are there any other Dr Who fans in the house?


  • juni

    Josie -

    My husband LOVED Dr. Who. I believe it was always on Sat. that it was shown. What network? Day?

    I've got to tell him - he'll be soooooo excited. Maybe I should wait though and look at the tv listings first.


  • mrsjones5

    Friday nights on the Scifi Channel


  • juni

    Thanks Josie. We do get the SciFi channel so will check it out.


  • Leolaia

    Yeah I watched it and liked it. Especially the episode of the sun expanding and the "last human"....that was pretty funny. More sophisticated special effects than I've ever seen with Dr. Who (perhaps contrary to its earlier style), but pretty good story. The new Dr. is kind of plain, may have to grow on me. I certainly like the Companion....

  • DanTheMan

    I flipped to it last night, and I think they've got it all wrong - I mean, what is Dr. Who without the cardboard robots and $1.98 special effects?

  • Elsewhere

    I saw it but I have to say I did not like it. Far too much British style humor.

    (Yeah, I know it was a British show... what else should I have expected?)

  • Quentin

    Dr. Who is back?!...cool beans...get the Sci-Fi channel here too...watched it on PBS for years...gotta stock up on the popcorn and soda pop...

  • dorayakii

    I love the series, its a classic. Its been running since 1963 (it stopped airing in 1989 but there was a film in 1996). I'm so glad they brought it back to the BBC last year.

    the cardboard robots and $1.98 special effects

    Hahaha, I think they've done a pretty good job of it tho... the plastic dummies, the last "human" (the bitchy trampoline), the bug-eyed Slitheen... if they went back to all the old style of doing things then people would complain... i think they've done a much better job than the Star Trek: Enterprise team at continuity and getting a balance between

    Just wait for episode 9 "The Empty Child" its really freaky...

    Watch out for Richard "i-don't-believe-it" Wilson (if you know who he is)... John Barrowman, the Scot with a state-side accent... and Bruno Langley *swoon*... you've gotta love him...

    Its an iconic show, quintessentially British, and its good to see bits of London onscreen for a change instead of New York and LA all the time... Really good to hear all the accents as well: Christopher Eccleson's northern accent, Billie Piper's mixed-up London Estuary accent and vocab, (although I was a bit worried when i heard Billie Piper was playing the newest companion). There'll be a strong female character later in the series. It mixes sci-fi, comedy and action, perfectly. Sometimes its a bit corny or weird, but its a bloody good show that knocks the socks off all the rest.

    I don't want to give too much away, although an awful lot will be lost anyway on the US audience, lots and lots of cultural references and homages... The Doctor's ironic / dead-pan / dry humour is probably equally confusing for you too. What episode are you up to in the States?

  • blondie

    Sci-Fi Channel is showing it first run on Friday nights, check the times, it is rerun again on Sunday later and on Saturday too. Check an online tv guide.

    I watched it back in the days it was on PBS (Saturday nights). And the boom, nothing. Shucky darn.

    But I just watched my tape and it was great. This girl has oomph.



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