Married or single?

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  • MsMcDucket
    I have a lodger that I flat share with. It was funny listening to what Ellie said, because when you flat share, you still have to consider who gets what use of the kitchen and bathroom. And because we both share the cost of the internet, you have to consider one person hogging all the bandwidth while the other person is trying to play a game online. I'm sure it's a good life skill to have to learn respect and open comunication even between two blokes who are friends.

    Ballistic, around my house having access to the internet is just as vital as having water and electricity! I had the bad experience of having my broadband go out and having to hook-up to dial up. My family was not happy! I think that we were in the throws of detoxification or something. Anyway, I decided to get Yahoo DSL. So now, I have Yahoo DSL and cable. I'm working on getting a third computer. When the twins were here, at one point, we had two laptops and two desk tops.

    Oh and to answer the question of the thread: I'm married.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Ellie, I have known dedpoet for almost 15 years as we were in the same kh, and we always liked each other but didn't do anything aboit it. Then he left in 1999 and though I maintained contact with him, we didn't see that much of each other till I left myself last November He introduced me to the board, and I used his pc to post as I didn't have my own (still use his lol), and we spent a lot of time together and realised our feelings were a lot more than friendship, and here we are.


  • Ellie

    Oh, thats a nice, romantic story, a pity you didn't get together sooner but better late than never eh.

    Atleast you can look forward to a happy future together without worrying about marrying to please others.

  • Dune

    Marriage? whats marriage?

    I still got a decade or two before i should be thinking about that ;-).

  • Kristofer

    I'd like to be married to someone who knows what real love is.

  • misspeaches

    oh wow! congratulations fullofdoubtnow and dedpoet! I didn't realise you two were an item... That's so exciting! I'm so pleased for the both of you.

    Hellrider in Australia if you live with your boyfriend/girlfriend then its called a defacto relationship. That's what I am in at the moment.

    But to answer your question I am engaged to be engaged! Hurrah for me! LOL. What does engaged to be engaged mean I hear you ask... It means that we know we are going to get married but we haven't done all the official stuff like buying a ring and proposing. But we have the wedding almost planned! Arse about isn't it!

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Most years were/are happy, went through a rough patch for a couple of years. I enjoy being married, love my hubby very much, we have alot of similar interests, but I think I could be happily single. Hubby and I spend time apart, go away with friends for a weekend etc, so we don't feel like we tie each other down.


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