How many left of 144,000?

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  • Nathan Natas
  • blondie

    Nathan, doesn't look like no one is dying to go to heaven.

  • schne_belly

    I ran the numbers on this a while ago. Used average death rates from the World Health Organization.

    Using WT logic, that "newly annointed" partakers are replacements for those who were unfaithful - the "annointed" are the least faithful group of JW's on the planet!!

    Logic - a JW's worst nightmare!!!

  • Balsam

    Good grief it has barely changed since I became a witness back in 1972. Seems like there was around 9,000 back then and still there is over 8,000 now. There is no way there can be that many. Lord my parents were of the age group they swore where of that generation and they have been long dead now for 10 plus years. It bothered me plenty when I was a witness never seeing those numbers going down but staying steady. This all is totally bogus like everything else about the so called faithful & discreet slave class.


  • M.J.

    Nathan, where are those numbers from?

    I posted a question regarding a discrepancy in the number of partakers in 1935 the WTS has reported:

  • heathen

    From what I understand they are trying to stretch the "this generation " to any generation experiencing the GT which they feel we are in at this time and since 1914 . Correct me if I'm wrong on that , I mean they change their mind qicker than I can type this reply .

    IMO - the bible does support a replacement , it says alot of things about imposters and sheep in wolves clothing no question that many are called and few chosen , all you gotta do is look at judas for an answer there , jesus picked the apostle Paul as replacement . I think the only real remnant are those that die as martyrs for christ anyway , the great crowd can be anointed . The likely hood of chinese being in rulership is high because they would probly meet an untimely end . That whole symbolic death crap is nothing but pure dogma that makes no sense at all from a book publishing corporation that just wanted to maintain control even tho it was obvious they don't want to be martyred . I think the ORG. if anything was always run by the GC .

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    Haha. No I didn't mean racism on your part ballistic, I meant God must be a racist

  • sir82


    Perhaps I should start a life insurance company, catering to the anointed. Imagine! There's a group of 8500 100-year-olds who have a less than 1% chance of dying. I'll be raking in premiums & never have to pay anything out!

  • james_woods

    Did anybody notice the slight bump right around 1975? What gives with that? I think we can take a real fast guess!

    This is really a terrible crisis in the making for the GB. If the numbers don't start going down fast, they must have a lot of immortal oldsters. Or, maybe almost all the annointed living now who are dying off were guilty of the unforgiveable sin.

    On the other hand, if the numbers do go down to nothing (like the ranks of WW1 veterans - a good parallel) - then things have again failed to come to pass and there is no one left to serve on the GB.

    James -who is just loving to watch them squirm. They got themselves into this mess - no help from the apostates!

  • Honesty
    How many left of 144,000?

    The WATCHTOWER's 144,000 and Faithful Discreet Slave doctrines are a Lie. There is no scriptural support for thsee doctrines. They were dreamed up and adhered to by people who rejected Jesus and replaced Him with the Governing Body as their mediators.

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