Big Love: Polygamy Loves Company

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  • Swan
    Yeah I can see that too. Ben, like most 15 year old boys, needs to be hosed down with cold water. That would be an interesting plot twist wouldn't it? Especially if she ended up pregnant.

    Margini says that won't happen. They are just friends, she says. But she says some other very funny things too, like how disgusting Frank was peeing in her sink. Her house got the worst of it, and after all that work to get the lipstick off the walls. And she was really pissed at Bill's step-moms for changing all of her radio presets!

    I googled to find out more about this show. 1 web site said this (fictitious) cult has a practice of dropping off all young boys in the city to ensure the young girls remain available for the older men, aka Roman and his pubescent bride. ICK. The site said this will be discussed in a future show. I wasn't sure if it was for real or just someone's guess.

    Apparently it happens to the women too. One wife got kicked out by driving her clear over to Elko, Nevada and then abandoning her there. It's really like disfellowshipping, if you ask me.


  • Swan

    Okay, this show is starting to really freak me out! Their writers must be ex-cult members or something.

    Cult term of the week: "The Principles"

    They don't believe man walked on the moon, and Rhonda doesn't understand voting, doesn't know who Dick Cheney is, thinks that maybe George W. Bush is the "leader." She doesn't know anything else about how the world works, except that she has to wait until her eighteenth birthday to get officially (not legally) married.

    Wheelchair bound Earnest Holloway was beaten and told to leave the compound. His wives would be redistributed to other men.

    Why Nicki would want her children to grow up in that kind of environment if anything happened to her and Bill is hard to understand except for the fact it is the only life she had growing up? Her cult involvement has lessened during her time "in the world" (another cult term, sound familiar) but it is still strong. She can't seem to get close to her sister wives, and they tell her she's cold. Is her upbringing by the cold hearted group being reflected in her being cold in the family.

    Sneaky Wendy has just about put all the pieces of their family tree together. Her snooping through their wills was totally unjustified by whatever "dirt" she thinks she is bringing to light because of it. She reminds me of a snoopy elder or elder's wife who thinks that they justified in their whistle blowing when actually the are just the lowest form of snake invading people's privacy to suit their vision of what is right and wrong.

    Heather's conscience has her torn between going to the authorities about Rhonda's statutory rape and her promise of silence to Sarah.

    Interesting how Ben was more interested in his step-mother's legs than his girl friend's. This kid needs some serious time on the shrink's couch with an Oedipus complex like that.

    The final episode (in two weeks) looks like it will be covering outing, and throwing stones in a glass house. Secrets are going to be made public, but by whom? It looks like one wife is going to be arrested. Which one?


  • cruzanheart

    Between that and the Mavericks' win last night, I'm all atwitter! Haven't been this hooked on a show since "Twin Peaks."


  • Swan


    Have you checked out Margene's blog? It's a real hoot!

  • rebel8

    Sooo, fellow fans, what did you think of last night's episode?

    It was really something! I think Bill & co. should move far, far away.

  • cruzanheart

    Haven't checked the blog yet but will soon. Last night's episode was a great season end! I LOVED the bit about Wanda poisoning Alby -- "she did it AGAIN???" I felt sorry for Barb, but it was not entirely unexpected. So did Roman turn them in on his own, or did Rhonda put him up to it because she's upset that Barb didn't fight for her to stay with the family? Or did Bill's employee Wendy do it -- she was certainly ready to say something at the ceremony.

    Now how long do we have to wait for new episodes????


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Wendy was going to do it, but someone beat her to it, Rhonda did it for pure spite and doesn't have a clue about any repercussions.

    Yeah that's how I see it as well. I first thought of Nikki, but she was going to be there (she didn't know about the lack of tickets until the last minute) and would have had to endure the embarassement as well. But yeah Rhonda is stunningly clueless and petulant to boot.

    Now the question is, what happens next? I mean is Bill going to be blackballed by the Utah business community? Will Home Plus go under now? And what about the cops? Will they come take away the kids?

    You know, in retrospect, I should have guessed that Wanda poisoned Bill's dad. Kinda obvious now that you think about it.

    I couldn't really feel sorry for Barb though. What the *###@!!! were you thinking going for that much publicity anyway? I thought they were trying to keep their polygamy a secret.

  • wednesday
    It was the same in a recent episode of the Sopranos where Vito's homosexuality was decried by all of the other mobsters as immoral, but killing, brutally beating men and even women, theft, fraud, and adultery were normal. And it also depends on the context. If you are in prison then "you get a pass" as Tony told Dr. Melfi

    yes the Sopranos, there is a show I understand. theft, fraud, adultry, abuse of women, children, rape, all things I learned from JWS.. Living among JWS is not much differnt than living among the mob.

    I so relate more to this show than "big love".

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