Big Love: Polygamy Loves Company

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  • candidlynuts

    bruce dern is great.. i hope they use his character more.

    i thought roman and nikki in the bedroom was creepy too..

    when the neighbor came over, i was afraid they were gonna be jw's LOL

    but no.. just an accountant.. they dress so similar.

  • Swan
    when the neighbor came over, i was afraid they were gonna be jw's LOL

    Of course, it wouldn't be beyond the writers to make the neighbors JW or Christian Scientist in order to create some contrast.

    BTW, I also like Bruce Dern. He is so good at playing likable characters, and he's even better at playing the heavy. He is excelling with this role.


  • Mulan

    I watched the first 3 episodes yesterday "On Demand". They are hilarious. I totally got the connection between JW's and the Mormons too. The "you're inactive" line made me laugh out loud.

    The show has a great cast and is a good idea. I hope it sticks around to gain a following.

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Yes, I watched every episode so far, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one fascinated - er, engrossed - by this show. I fully expected to hate it and decided to watch it just to see if it would be as awful as I expected.

    I think it's brilliant and will definitely have a following with people from high-control groups. I don't think it glorifies polygamy in any way, nor does it condemn it. It explores and makes you think about it from more than a few angles, some angles I rarely thought about, even as a social science major.

    There are so many fascinating legal, political (macro and micro), and philosophical discussions stimulated by this show: the fascism of the larger culture in protecting primarily nuclear families; the failure of the state to protect minors from religious abuse; role confusion and incest issues; cult/religion as organized crime; numerous feminist critiques from within the show itself and outside; whether or not polygamy could be made to work for families if it were legal; perhaps it really could?

    I guess no matter what type of family units you're looking at, there are always advantages and disadvantages . . . what if polygamy were legal and all the wives were "first" wives, legally recognized by the state and protected? I think much of the problem with power struggles and manipulation would be minimized, although certainly not eliminated.

    Because our culture is totally a hierarchical one, the family structures is, too, so we're conditioned to believe that's the only way, whether we're condemning or blessing polygamy, polyandry, matriarchy or patriarchy. The hierarchy of that "Big Love" family is pretty much male-domination and female competition for male approval and attention, which typifies not only religious cults, but religion and the state, in general, and, of course many, if not most Western families.

    Dependency comes in all shapes and sizes. Yes, things are changing, but in some ways, they stay the same. Oh well, progress, not perfection.

    Love this show, I guess for the same reasons I love "The Sopranos." The social psychology (and pathology) of it is fascinating! (And knowing the characters' terrible imperfections and damaged lives seem far more extreme than mine, well, that's definitely comforting, somehow, lol). You know, they're people you hate to love and love to hate, kinda' like the bOrg, I suppose.

  • Swan

    Yes, it really makes you think. What was mind-blowing to me was the whole idea of having an affair with your own husband! That was just something I had a hard time wrapping my mind around. Barb and Bill keep sneaking off to a motel, even though they are legally married!

    I also loved Nikki telling off those self righteous Mormon pricks this week.

    Another idea they got me to thinking about was how they view sexual relations before marriage. This was when Bill and Barb first started their "affair." Nikki and Margene were horrified to think that he was having sex with another woman before marriage. That is wrong, but if he married her, then she would take her turn like all of the other wives and it would be okay. That was also difficult to wrap my mind around, since it appears hypocritical to heterosexist monogamous culture.

    It was the same in a recent episode of the Sopranos where Vito's homosexuality was decried by all of the other mobsters as immoral, but killing, brutally beating men and even women, theft, fraud, and adultery were normal. And it also depends on the context. If you are in prison then "you get a pass" as Tony told Dr. Melfi.

    Very thought provoking TV. And Deadwood is back on in June. That will be good too.


  • Pwned

    its a good show, i wonder if they plan on using this Roman vs Bill storyline for the entire series or just the first season. I don't see any way that Bill is able to avoid getting exposed. even if it isnt roman that does it they are way to obvious, especially their living situation. will homeplus be able to survive the scandal?

    as far as the JW parallels there are some but the biggest difference is that they don't shun former members

  • Swan

    Tonight's episode was so good. My favorite line was this one delivered by Nicki's mother (Mary Kay Place of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman):

    We all owe up to our necks. We all spend like there's no tomorrow... which we were told there wouldn't be on three occasions.

    I burst out laughing at this one! It was so spot on with the whole failed prophecy business.

    And Bill's father (Bruce Dern) peeing in the kitchen sink was hilarious! I noticed he ragged on Lois about the hairdo with poodle remarks, but look who he ended up in bed with. He had Wanda so riled though she said she was ready to finish the job someone else started. Good thing this show isn't Perry Mason or she would have been arrested for his murder in the next scene.

    And isn't Wendy a real suck up? She is nosy, but she instantly accepts anything Bill says to her.

    Good luck to Joey and Wanda. I hope they make it, but I have a feeling that Wanda isn't going to be able to give up the Compound as easily as Joey.


  • stillAwitness

    My dad used to be a polygamist. (till he came into the TrooF of course) Got a whole bunch of half brothers/sisters running around. It's quite funny when they all come to visit. We all can't stand each other. Bunch of pests.

  • candidlynuts

    swan i snorted and laughed at that line too!!

    good show tonight.. dunno what nikki was up to asking barb "is it over" and then smiling like a cat as she was leaving.. i just love to hate nikki!!

    i think they should keep the little demon dog LOL

  • rebel8
    My dad used to be a polygamist. (till he came into the TrooF of course)

    Wow, whoa, and wow again! I can't believe you never mentioned that before. I'm dying to hear the details.........

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