Letter to Ritchie's Mom

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  • Ellie

    To be honest, I don't think that Richie's mum would appreciate a letter from a bunch of apostates, knowing that he has been talking to apostates and is so popular with them would only worry her, imo.

    A nice thread if you want to give someone some confidence but not really practical.

  • RichieRich

    Can a mod remove ellie's last post and mine here??

    Trying to keep this clean for mom...

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    Trying to keep this clean for mom

    Then why dont you quit raising your middle finger fella....she wont appreciate that!


  • RichieRich

    well, when they delete all these nonessential posts, it will be clean!!!

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    Except for your middle finger...


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    One more bttt.

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  • damselfly

    Dear Richie's Mom,

    Please think about what consequences your future actions will have on your son's life. He is your son and deserves a mother that will fight for him and support him in his life. Could you really turn your back on your flesh and blood as if he were dead? Without knowing for sure if it was the right thing to do?

    Richie has shown compassion, kindness and caring in his posts. He is articulate and funny and wise for his young age.

    I hope you read these and think and do the right thing.


  • moanzy

    Dear Richie's Mom,

    ( I am writing for my 3 little girls).

    My grama and grampa don't like my mom because she isn't a witness. I am 7yrs old and my sisters are 4 and 3. My grama and grampa's religion don't allow us to see them. I didn't do anything wrong and I love my mom. I hope that you won't be like my grama and grampa and be mean to Richie and not talk to him because of a religion. Everyone should just learn to love each other.


  • WLG

    Dear Richie's Mom,

    Richie is a good man. By following the advice given both in scripture and by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society to "keep on testing whether or not you have the truth" he has come to the same conclusion as many of us...that The Truth is nothing of the kind.

    Richie is a wise man for his age, at the least take a moment and really consider what he thinks. He is a great human being and a credit to his parents. I'm proud to say I know him.

    WLG aka Donnie Dean

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