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  • juni
    Are these 5 sisters actually going to listen to them and not associate with each other

    Right now they split apart, but you know there will be some kind of repercussion. I'm sure there are others who are seething too that this happened. If I'm able I will share more when I hear more. Juni


    Calm down girl. I know, it made my blood pressure go up too. I like your humor - pull themselves up by their bra straps, etc.


    Hi sKally,

    Seems like a lot of wierd stuff is going on now all over. Juni

  • juni

    Heh Blondie,

    I guess they don't "trust" depressed people getting together. Have to keep up the good, happy front as others have said here.


  • Elsewhere
    pull themselves up by their bra straps

    lmao! Too cute!

  • luna2

    Sorry, 'bout that. I got a little carried away. There was a group of us sisters (back when I was a "sister")that used to get together and exercise at another sister's place once a week. I believe the sis mentioned that we were doing this to one of the elders and got some advice not to continue. Nothing official, but even getting together regularly to exercise was made out to be somehow taking something away from Jehovah.

    Your best bet as a JW is to keep your mouth shut and not tell anybody anything because there always seems to be somebody that takes exception to even the most innocent activities. Obviously, I think they are insane and it still pisses me off to this day. lol

  • bikerchic
    Because this looks bad to the cong. as these five sisters by their grouping together were forming an unsavory "clique". And, according to these elders, "We don't want people to think that we are starting to have a problem with depression and unhappiness."

    Back in the late 80's early 90's a group of sisters in my local cong got together and started doing a work book for Adult Children of Alcoholic's on a weekly basis. Some of the sisters were elders wives and some of the work we did involved intense therapy and it always went on for hours into the wee hours of the morning.

    We got a lot of pressure from the elders to quit they claimed we couldn't have a "group within a group". When we said we would move our group to an outside source like Al-anon or AA they calmed down a bit and said that they would have to talk to the Governing Body in Bethel. While they were busy trying everything they could to shut us down we kept on. One elder forbid his wife to go, she went anyway because she was learning so much and getting so much help for her depression.

    Finally the word from Bethel was that in order to have our group we needed to meet certain requirements one was that we had to have a licensed therapist lead the group and the other was that we weren't to invite any more into the group or start any more groups.

    We met their requirements as far as the licensed therapist. She was a therapist who many of the sisters were already seeing and needed 12 step program work for her own use as a therapist as she had never done one.

    The second one well we sorta fudged on it a bit......but made sure it was our dirty little secret. The groups all in all lasted for over 2 and a half years. We went through the work book 2 times!

    Our experience was written up in one of the Asleep articles but most of it was watered down the real experience was life changing for me and I'm sure doing that work was the beginning of opening my eyes to venturing outside of the Borg for better information than they offered in their books and mags as well as it gave me a good look at how the Elder's view outside help.

    Maybe the sisters in your cong could be more sneeky about it, lol.

  • moshe

    A Sister in my Cong back in the 70's started hosting monthly Tea parties. She always invited all the widows and had 7-15 sisters come to her house. After about 6 months she was told to cut it out- it was time wasted that could have been spent on field service. I think they were upset that the sisters were all talking about how much they enjoyed the parties-



  • calico

    Luna--Elders at a congregation you know of also had the nerve to tell a group of older sisters not to sit together! They had sat together at meetings for years--most of them had husbands that were not in the "truth". I think it had to do with looking like a clique--how stupid! Those same elders kids were in their own little groups--HYPOCRITES!

    Those sisters had always looked so cute sitting together.................not many of them are alive anymore--think it made a difference where they sat?

  • LDH

    Before the Military had the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy with regards to gays, the JW had perfected it with regards to depression.

    Don't tell anyone you use paxil, because you are supposed to rely on Jehoober!

    IF it were me, I would ask a question. Is this a disfellowshipping offence? Then why do you give a flying crap what I do with my free time? I would love to take on some of these assholes.


    Oh, to be a JW now Class

  • Clam

    Those sisters™ need to join this Forum. That’d cheer them up!

  • zagor
    Because this looks bad to the cong. as these five sisters by their grouping together were forming an unsavory "clique". And, according to these elders, "We don't want people to think that we are starting to have a problem with depression and unhappiness."

    How typical, just sweep it all under the carpet, how loving is that?!!?

    In other words if you have mental problems go into the ministry, suffer from depression - go to the ministry, starting to have 'immoral' thoughts? go into the ministry, start to have deviant thought? - go into the ministry, contemplating suicide? - go into the ministry, having pedophile thought? - go into the ministry....
    Makes you wander why the hell psychologists spend all that time at universities if one single thing can heal so many mental issues.

    to add: That was silent admission that whole JW setup is exactly that, a setup, no real happiness, no joy, no peace but constant mental roller coaster no wonder eventually some of them flip. It is just not normal way of living.

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