Do Some JW Elders Secretly Consider It Possible That They Are Wrong?

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  • West70

    I recently heard this "experience" from a now "Christian" former JW, which has not previously been publicly communicated.

    A JW moved away from their "home" area for several years - "faded", and eventually found Jesus Christ, and became a "true Christian".

    This JW then moved back to their home area (no JW relatives), and simply continued living their already-in-progress non-JW life.

    Inevitably, this exJW Christian started bumping into their JW former associates. Over a period of a couple years, the exJW spoke with the JWs about a half dozen times or so without ever confessing Jesus Christ to the JWs - admittedly out of "fear of man". The JWs were allowed to assume that the exJW was merely "weak" and "inactive".

    Eventually, one of the local JWs was employed at the exJW's workplace. At first, the exJW allowed the JW to think the exJW was merely "inactive". Since other co-workers were aware the exJW was a "Christian", it was probably one of them that tipped off the JW that exJW was no longer a JW Believer.

    This is assumed, because one night the exJW receives a telephone call. It is a JW Elder the exJW formerly knew (and as I told exJW - probably another Elder secretly and illegally easedropping).

    After exchanging the routine Elder-LostSheep "pleasantries", the JW Elder gets down to the REAL REASON for the telephone call. He tells exJW that there are "rumors" circulating that exJW is attending a local church.

    ExJW comes clean, and acknowledges their "christianity" - including answering the Elder's routine question that "NO" they do NOT believe that the Governing Body is Jehovah's only FDS.

    ExJW even politely offers to write a Letter of Disassociation, so that the Elders are not required to DF them.

    JW Elder states that a Letter would not be necessary (reason I suspect one or more other Elders were illegally easedropping), and that there would be a DA announcement made to the Cong.

    ExJW was upset by the whole conversation, but at the same time was relieved to get this mess behind them.

    At work, the JW co-worker continued the measured "shunning", wich had already started prior to the telephone call.

    ExJW assumed the DA was announced and official. However, over a period of months, exJW would bump into various JWs, and occasionally one would speak or even carry on a short conversation.

    ExJW simply assumed the JWs had either not heard they had DAed, or were JWs who did not carry out "shunning" to the extreme. However, over time even the JW co-worker loosened up on their shunning, and even made some stray remarks which led the exJW to wonder if their DA had been announced.

    ExJW started gradually doing some measured "inquiring", and eventually discovered that the JW Elder who had telephoned and interrogated them had DIED sometime right after their telephone conversation.

    Due to the obvious circumstances, exJW doesn't know exactly when JW Elder died, nor for a fact that their DA was never announced, but the sometimes friendliness of some local JWs would seem to indicate no DA Announcement.

    As I have already indicated, and as I have told exJW, I'm almost positive that there was one or more other Elders easedropping on the telephone call so as to act as a "second witness", otherwise the JW Elder would have taken exJW up on their offer to write the Letter of Disassociation.

    Does anyone else suspect that slimely JW Elder DIED that very night, and that such "scared the HELL" out of the other Elders, who then decided they would just drop the matter against exJW Christian rather than make the DA Announcement?

    Or, did the BOE consult with the CO, and were they afraid regular Cong members would discover the weird circumstances, and that possibly some of the Cong members would "make the connection" between JW Elders DEATH and his actions toward exJW Christian?

  • Gretchen956

    Huh? Connection between the conversation and this dude's death? This stuff just gets crazier all the time. Circumstances.

    Yes, there are some elders still active that question, have doubts, and even don't believe, who stay in for their families. How do I know this? Some are on this board.

    Do I think that a vengeful christian god smote this poor bastard for calling your friend or yourself? Absolutely not.


  • West70


    Why don't you make it easy for occasional lurkers to know from where your point of view comes, and tell them you are

    1. A Lesbian,

    2. Who worships Trees, Rocks, or whatver other form Satan is taking for you these days.

    You too will one day bow before and acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord.

    Its just a question as to who's terms such occurs.

    I'll continue to pray for you - just like I do for other former JWs - whether you like it or not.



  • greendawn

    I liked that contrast between JW and Christian "I am a christian now not a JW" because it is true that the JWs are not really a christian religion even if they claim that they are. They are not part of the New Covenent so they can't be.

    There are many elders that eventually realise that this org is not the truth but something very different so they either step down as elders or leave altogether, some members of this board are such. Others stay on and do their best to help ppl for example if they get brought before a JC.

    In many congos someone has to be quite ruthless to stay on an elder because other elders are arrogant, agressive, and envious and will readily dominate those who are not of this style.

  • willyloman
    1. A Lesbian,
    2. Who worships Trees, Rocks, or whatver other form Satan is taking for you these days.

    And this makes her less credible than:

    1. You?

    2. The Watchtower Society and all its components?

    3. Half the people on the planet?

  • LDH
    Why don't you make it easy for occasional lurkers to know from where your point of view comes, and tell them you are

    1. A Lesbian,

    2. Who worships Trees, Rocks, or whatver other form Satan is taking for you these days.


    Why don't *you* make it known for occasional lurkers, that even though you profess to be

    "Super-christian," in fact you are very judgemental. Who Sherry f*cks isn't your business, unless it's a CHILD or an ANIMAL. Get it?

    Just because you believe 'every knee will bend to Jesus' doesn't make it so. Your years as a JW should have taught you this.

    Dissenting opinions are healthy and even needed in a forum such as this. That way the lurkers can, in one fell swoop, decide not to be a JW, a Christian, a lesbian, or a tree-hugger.


    Consenting Adult Class

  • mkr32208

    Short answer to your question, yes there are many elders who know or suspect that they are wrong...

    Short answer to your story, NO that's not reasonable, if an elder was listening then your "christian" friend would be out on his ass end of story!

    Short comment to entire situation. "Left witnesses and became a christian" If your head is buried in the sand does it matter which beach your on?

    Mark of the ~lesbian trapped in a mans body~ class

  • West70

    Typical ASSUMPTIONS made by the uninformed.

    I am so far from being a "super-Christian" that such is beyond my comprehension.

    No, its simply like the bumpersticker says:



  • mkr32208

    No their not... Their DELUSIONAL it's different!

    Some better bumper stickers-

    Hands praying with a caption "stop talking to yourself"
    "He's YOUR god there YOUR rules YOU go to hell"
    "There's a sucker born again every minute"
    "Atheist scream YOUR name during sex"

    One of my personal favorites;

    "Blasphemy is a victimless crime" and
    "The Carpenter is dead, pray to the walrus!"

  • diamondblue1974
    I am so far from being a "super-Christian" that such is beyond my comprehension.

    I notice that you ironically didnt deny the judgemental comment!


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