Never throw away those Watchtowers and Awakes!

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  • free2beme

    It is a sin to throw away your Watchtowers and Awakes. You must let them build up and up and up, until you need to store them in boxes that will be places in corners of the attic or basement. When you find them years later, still do not throw them away or you will die at Armageddon! These are the sacred word of God's organization and should never be thrown away.

    ... okay, does anyone have relatives like this or friends? I knew tons who would not throw them away and the back log of paper was huge.

  • JH

    I never heard an elder or JW say that it was ok to throw them away.

    Gee, I hardly even read them. I kept mine for many years, and one day got fed up, and threw most of them away.

  • Elsewhere

    Gawd yes! I saw HUGE piles when I was still a JW. They just don't want to throw them away!

    The WTS likes to brag that they *print* x-million magazines per issue, but you have to wonder just how many end up in these huge magazine piles at JW homes.

  • beezknees

    keep all of those magazines then u can have them as a reference when wbts change their minds again or change the information on the cd rom to differ to the original published article

  • serendipity

    My mom would throw them away, but my pioneer aunt would put them in her trunk and save them for "not at homes."

    My teenage daughter views them as sacred, even though she has a very spiritually weak JW mother, missed most meetings during her life and has never been in service. It seems that only 20% meeting attendence is enough to inculcate an "appreciation for the spiritual food the FDS provides." She had such a guilty look on her face and fear in her eyes last time she saw a stack in the recycle bin, like God was gonna strike her with lightening if she took them to the curb. The fear was reduced somewhat when she was told "they don't want us handing out old magazines. It doesn't look good."

    So her mom will resort to stealth to get rid of the current stack.

  • blondie

    We saved clean copies for our libraries (the early bound volumes)

    When we got the bound volumes we tossed all our study copies (marked up).

    We saved some old magazines to leave at NHs but only the ones with interesting covers.

    We brought back the other old magazines (and books) and quietly left them in the literature/magazine counter area "for the pioneers."

    Another way to get rid of them as a "active" JW is to bring the WT copies of the magazine to be studied on Sunday and give them to the attendant. Someone always needs a copy.

    But save stacks and stacks to molder in the basement or closets or way.

    Another tactic is to cut back your magazine order (for active JWs) to just a study copy for you and your spouse and only 2 copies each of the WT and 4 copies of the 1 issue of the Awake. That's only 8 magazines. (4 to get rid of at the WT study and 4 for NHs or to "take back.)


  • blondie

    Elsewhere, they probably know how many are not being placed.

    Congregations keep records of how many copies each publisher (family) order.

    Congregations keep records of how many magazines they "place."

    I can remember the CO coming through and commenting that people were ordering more magazines than they were placing and that they should cut back their orders rather than have them pile up at home. After all it would be a terrible waste of the Society's money and time.


  • greendawn

    What's written in them is not worth the ink they were written with but some copies from older times may fetch money with researchers seeking them. Otherwise get rid of them, they are full of deception and propaganda.

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    I used to let mine pile up. I don't know how many times we moved and hauled all of the bound volumes everywhere we went. So, about a year ago, even before I had completely quit attending the Hall, I burned them all. It took three days, prettiest fire I ever saw.


  • seawolf


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