Elders accuse us of Mail Fraud

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    In that case, if the elder contacted the local Post Office, they would be given the phone number of the nearest Postal Inspector. As innundated as they are lately, with mailbox break ins and mail theft, I doubt if they'd be too interested anyway. Proof would have to be provided of what was enclosed in the mailpiece and the sender would be interviewed. This would all blow up on the elder making the false report if that were the case.


    That's great to hear!!! Some in our local hall got fliers on their windshields during a meeting!


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    Swalker, the post office definitely wouldn't get involved in that one, since the fliers weren't placed in the mail and had no postage affixed.

    By the way, how'd those fliers get on the cars, teehee?

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    To add to what Blondie said....the JWs have committed actual mail fraud too. The Postmaster has received many complaints about JWs using mailboxes without postage.

    Anyone want to exchange info. (addresses ect.) ? We could really have some fun with this. Create a network so that JW's are getting stuff in their mail from all over the country.

    I've got some free stuff you can use to mail, also some free e-cards about the big jw issues www.jwinfo.8m.com I tried to mail an envelope to the WTS without my return address and the post office refused to mail it.

    The BOE announced last Thursday night that they are investigating mail fraud and that the congregation should bring packages that are suspicious looking to them. Not to open them.

    The next thing will be them suiting up in bomb squad gear so as not to get demonized by touching the "apostate" stuff. Honestly, that is one of the dumbest things I've ever, ever, ever heard. Why do they need the elders to micromanage their lives in this manner? Why can't they handle throwing out a package by themselves? Stupid. Someone Photoshop this:

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    I tried to mail an envelope to the WTS without my return address and the post office refused to mail it.

    What I do/ did is simply put a kingdom hall address (googling) on as a return address and/ or I will google the word Jehovah's Witnesses and usually a name will come up from an obit. In those obits are relatives names. Or just go to myspace.com and pick a name from many of the loyal, dedicated jws there! You get the idea.

    Trust me, there are ways to get the job done. Use your imagination.


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    Why not send a package and mark the outside 'may contain apostate material'. Inside put a few Watchtower and Awake magazines collected from local Laundromats.

    If the packages are simply thrown away, what matters, you've gotten rid of garbage. If the elders open the packages the joke is on them and only adds to the paranoia.


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    Bravo for you mate you are an associate after my own heart! BUMPERSTICKERS You have an option to send along a couple of my bumper stickers in the mix.

    Keep up the good work-Danny

  • regaining-my-brain

    Imagine the fun that could be had!!!!

    I laughed so hard reading this thread that I was getting funny looks from many patrons of my local library!!

    Let's send envelopes to certain robotic sisters and then the letter inside could say Dear overly concerned Elder. Or ever better Dear Brother former teacher Thank you for helping our cause by inventing problems so now the "laity class" is in fear.

    Oh the fun we will have.

    Yeah I liked the idea someone had about sending porn or the threat of porn. To that same robotic sister the return address could say local cemetary. Then inside say Dear "Porno Brother" I know you said only to reach you at your P.O. box but my letters have come back. Please meet me at our special place!!!! hee-hee-Hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I send packages I put the receiver in the return as well. But, local "clergy class" or K.H. is good too.

    SuZ Q

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