Elders accuse us of Mail Fraud

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  • serendipity
    the elders have announced that a Mail Fraud scheme is in the area with packages arriving at publishers homes. Under no circumstances are they to open the packages but to bring them to the elders immediately.

    How presumptuous! Treating the cong. like children. The only way I'd bring them my mail is if they are going to pay the bills!

  • Mary
    This sounds like a fraudulent attempt by elders to intercept mail in order to prevent the legitimate recipients from reading it. I wonder if their announcement is in fact an illegal act.

    Hmmm........excellent point. I think you may be right, but the elders would simply get the R&F to say that they are doing it "of their own free will".... you know----kinda like the whole blood issue. No one's "persuading: them to do this ......which is quite an accomplishment for an Organization who's had hundreds of study articles about "independent thinking" and how baaaad it is and how you need to follow what they say.

  • inbyathread
    This sounds like a fraudulent attempt by elders to intercept mail in order to prevent the legitimate recipients from reading it. I wonder if their announcement is in fact an illegal act.

    It might be considered so by the federal government but no action will be taken as the elders are acting as part of a religious entity and protected under the separation of church and state (See Constitution)

    We recently had the CO Visit and he stated that although the Society has in fact made false statements to the R&F, this was acceptable because the intention was good. Lying kept the publishers going from door to door. Preaching 'their' good news. So now you know. Lying is acceptable. I guess they forgot the saying "The road to Hell is paved with "good intentions"."

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    This can in no way be construed as a fraudulent attempt to intercept mail. Only if the elders actually stole the mail could it be considered as such. If you voluntarily give your mail to someone, regardless of what they've told you, you have no claim. Furthermore, even if there were such a claim, the recipient of the mail would have to make a complaint, would they not? I wish people would stick to legitimate gripes, not legal bs that's a stretch to even relate to the situation at hand.

  • purplesofa

    I have to laugh as they don't think anything about leaving tracts and back mags on peoples doorsteps....

    I wonder if the householders preachers make such and annoucement to their congregations to bring stuff to them.

  • rekless

    Why not send a copy of Hustler magazine to the person and place a phoney address label stating the standard info with a bar code to make it look athenic. Shock both the recipient and the elder.

  • VM44

    Does anyone know if that classic Watchtower picture is online showing the JW woman throwing "apostate" literature in the trash as the postman who just delivered it is shown walking away?

    The JWs classify all "apostate" material as "Destroy BEFORE reading!" (Apostate material being everything that doesn't show The Watchtower in a favorable light.)


  • sf


    Would you happen to have a sample postcard (package) you can scan here?

    Also, why do you suppose it is being reported that it is packages these jws are receiving, when in fact, they are only postcards?

    Great idea by the way.


  • Chasity1

    This sounds like a golden opportunity to play with the elders in the 2 congregations. On the next post card that is sent out write thanks for the announcement. it made my whole week or something like that. they will $hit their pants after reading that.

  • blondie

    I noticed too that originally "packages" were mentioned and now postcards. Packages need to be opened whereas postcards can be read unopened to see what it is about.

    I am willing to guess that the elders have not gone to the US Postal Service or the police to report this fraud. It seems a ruse to keep curious JWs from seeing what is in the "package" which I don't think they can do if it is a postcard.

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