Elders accuse us of Mail Fraud

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  • VM44

    and if the packages/postcards were truly mail fraud, what could the elders do about it? Exactly Nothing!

    I would be interested in seeing the postcard package if they could be posted online somewhere.


  • inbyathread

    I don't know what is in the packages. A person in the Neillsville Congregation received a package with apostate(tm) material. We don't know who sent the material. Someone outside of our group. Apparently she went to the elders with the package. The BOE of Neillsville are meeting with the BOE of Marshfield today to discuss what can be done with the local apostate(tm) problem.

    The BOE announced last Thursday night that they are investigating mail fraud and that the congregation should bring packages that are suspicious looking to them. Not to open them.

    I only send postcards and like Blondie stated, I believe it is a ruse to control the information. Postcards are great in that the information is right there for anyone to read. No lies. No requests for money. No fraud.

    I will try to scan in a postcard for you to see.

  • blondie

    I think of all the ways JWs sent unsolicited WTS publications to family, neighbors, and people they had never met

    1) Gift subscriptions

    2) Tracts and old magazines in the doors (and sometimes in their mailboxes)

    3) Writing to not-at-homes, enclosing publication

    4) Writing to security locked apartments, enclosing publication

    5) Writing to college dormitories...

    6) Writing to gate communities...

    7) Writing to military bases...

    8) Writing campaigns to governments "persecuting" JWs



  • onesong

    This has got me thinking. I've got some "packages" that I would love to send to people from my old cong. but I know that one look at the address and they wouldn't open it.

    What if they received the package with an out of state address on it?

    Anyone want to exchange info. (addresses ect.) ? We could really have some fun with this. Create a network so that JW's are getting stuff in their mail from all over the country.

  • wanda

    It is very effective to mail information to active JWs. I have and can tell you that I know it is.

    If it wasn't then elders wouldn't be directed to try so hard to discourage it. They preach it is a waste of time to send literature to grassroot members hoping those who do so will overhear it and quit. Don't.

    I find two of the best things to inform about are the silentlambs.org pedophile policy and the secret working with the U.N. as an NGO and still yet though not as formally.

    It's also handy to point to some of the scripture misteachings.

    It's just an estimate but my observation is that maybe one in ten quit but about 50% are effected in the sense that they stop donating as much money and spend less time banging doors, instead focusing more time on helping their families, resting etc.

    Some of those will also eventually quit altogether, so overall the effect may be that 25-30% will quit, many of the others not outright quit but quit also in the sense of decreasing support.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Nina
    should bring packages that are suspicious looking to them. Not to open them.

    The elders may be doing more than scheming about "mail fraud". It sounds like they may try to tie into Homeland Security and suspicions of terrorism.

    They don't give a rat whether their accusations have a sound basis or not as long as they can turn up the heat on the sender(s).

    Take care.


  • Honesty

    I always send postcards that make a quick statement:

    Are you aware that the WTBTS does not prohibit blood transfusions in Bulgaria due to an agreement they made with that government and the European Commission of Human Rights?

    Ask the Service Dept. about the WTBTS and the UN affiliation that was kept secret for almost 10 years: 718-560-5000

    Examine authentic WTBTS publications online; www.reexaminer.org

    Ask the WTBTS how much a luxury condo is going for at the 360 Furman St. complex: 718-560-500

    You are aware that Jesus is not your mediator according to WTBTS literature, aren't you? Search the WTLibrary cd - (mediator).

  • Virgochik

    Log on to usps.com. On the bottom left, is a link to contact the Inspection Service. They are the law enforcement branch of the US Postsl Service, the "postal police." They can define what constitutes mail fraud, and there are links to examples, as well. The Nigerian scam would be mail fraud, as is work at home solicitation, or enticing people to send funds thru the mail and not giving them what they ordered, etc. Mere correspondence is not mail fraud, without threats, foul or abusive language, harassment or blackmail for money. I would have to know more, but I think they are huffing and puffing to intimidate people and, as usual, don't have the slightest idea what they're talking about!

    Virgochik, of the "Going Postal" class

  • dvw

    if i were to send mail to jw's i would only send post cards. what would happen if an unscrupulous elder reported to the post office that a dead rat or threatening words were in the package? or porno pictures? a post card seems safer to the sender.

  • sf

    How about we just send our 'packages', postcards and Watchtower Money directly to the cong:

    Jehovah's Witnesses 1500 Hewett Street, Neillsville, WI 54456 (715) 743-3216

    Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall - 3.1 miles NW - 3215 W Arnold St, Marshfield, 54449 - (715) 384-3638
    Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall - 0.8 miles S - Marshfield, 54449 - (715) 387-8090
    Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall: If No Answer - 1.9 miles S - Marshfield, 54404 - (715) 387-8090

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