Fried chicken & and slice of white bread

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  • MissBehave

    Another thread today made me think of this....does it bring back memories for anyone else? It was the staple food of every assembly I remember. They made them in the morning and by lunch time the bread had absorbed all the grease from the chicken. Mmmmm, healthy and so tasty too (I typed that last part in Vitametavegaminese).

  • Virgochik

    Tell more! We always had those soyburgers on the soggy buns and the fruit bags...

  • vitty

    I always made ham sandwiches and party pork pies ummmmmmmmmm

  • greendawn

    "Tell more! We always had those soyburgers on the soggy buns"

    I would say the quality of their physical food matches that of their spiritual food.

    It turns out that frying food in vegetable oil and especially many times in the same oil, whether at McDonald's or the JW assemblies is bad for one's health, and frying in pig or beef fat is far more healthy.

  • luna2

    The first Circuit Ass. I ever attended they still had hot meals...I remember a tray with mashed potatos, chicken, and some sort of vegitable. I also remember soft-serve ice cream...that may have been around even after they moved to a more McDonald's approach to food service.

    I also remember those horrible burritos that my kids always wanted for lunch. Ugh! Nothing like dealing with two giggly, farty boys all afternoon.

  • Ellie

    When I was a kid I actually used to look forward to assemblies because for lunch we always had chicken and stuffing roles, they tasted so good, I don't know why but they never tasted that good anywhere else.

  • rebel8

    I remember the chicken and bread wrapped in foil with grease dripping out. Aside from the grease, it was kinda tasty but it's a wonder more ppl didn't get sick due to lack of refrigeration. Then I'd wash it down with a warm generic brand soda and a half frozen pudding. The puddings were so gross they tasted btr frozen.

    Of course the grease was a problem because of the meager amount of cheap soap and cold water available to wash up. I mean, if you weren't lucky enough to have more than one of those one-ply napkins, that is. You'd have grease fingerprints on your Bible all afternoon.

    Lesee....icky mystery meat hoagies...soggy turkey sandwiches with one slice of meat on sawdust flavored bread...all unrefrigerated.

    But the cheese danishes rocked!

  • Crumpet

    I was a big fan of assemby food and remember the hot meals too. I loved everything from having magic tear off tokens to buy the food in stead of real money, carrying round a tray of snacks hung around my neck when I volunteered as a vendor, the elders from my congregation wearing white hats and apron like I'd never seen them before frying onions and burgers at the stalls around the stadium, and best of all and totally unforgettable the Chocolate Eclairs hand made by sisters for the Dudley assemblies when I was about 7 to 10. You could tell it was a matter of pride as to who made the best choux pastry, who was most generous with real chocolate icing (none of the squirty fake chocolate ice magic nonsense0 and who used the most fresh cream. I used to save all my money for the assembly and was knwon to get through up to 8 massive eclairs per 2 day circuit assembly. God knows why I wasnt fatter or sicker. Maybe my body just had a delayed reaction!

    Ah memories. (I could go on - the time i had my first ever cheese and onion bap, the time I and my sister spent an afetr noon in tears because we disagreed over what was best - the doughnuts or the eclairs...)

  • rebel8

    Crumpet! How are you?

    What is "cheese and onion bap"?

  • Gretchen956

    As a kid we had cafeterias at the assembly with hot meals. Good hot meals. One of the desserts we always looked for in the big conventions during those days was a big piece of cantelope melon with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. Later they went to deli food (yuck) all starch, never did make sense to me to feed people all that starch and then expect them to sit there for eight hours. During those days they only had one thing that I enjoyed, frozen orange juice. I ate it like a slushy.

    Guess they have no meals now and expect you to be thankful for it. Must be because they can feed the folks BS but they can't afford to nourish their physical bodies. Poor poor WTS, doesn't have enough money. Anyone believe that?


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