Fried chicken & and slice of white bread

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  • MissBehave

    So they don't serve food at assemblies anymore? No more fake Arby's roast beef sandwiches? No more faux cheese danishes?

  • daystar

    I actually liked the fried chicken and slice o' bread. And we all seem to remember the danishes.

    What I just really don't understand is this: When they served food, they really, really, really seemed to want everybody to stay there and eat so as to help finance the assembly by buying the food there. Now, they no longer serve food, but they still don't want you to leave to eat out. They want you to bring a sack lunch.

    WTF!? I don't understand, now, why they feel the need to delegate where their JWs eat for lunch, especially since they no longer serve food themselves.

  • truckerann

    oh the memories you are bringing back to me...yes the cheese danishes were the bomb!! The generic sodas...two kinds cola and lemon lime....My grandmother always told me that the food tasted great only because it had Jehovah's blessing

  • Crumpet

    Hey rebel!

    cheese and onion bap is wel basically a white bread crusty roll with cheese and a slice of oinion in it but that was Haute Cuisine to me as a 9 year old experimenting with her palate. I hated the danish pastries bny the way. Does anyone remember the Hella Bars - they were swedish chocolate with a liquid centre - they were yummy - even when the melted all over my songhbook and I had to lick it clean!

  • xjwms

    I always cooked at the assemblies

    One time I remember...I was frying beef burgers. I brought from home, ... a bag of one point I filled the grill with butter and onions.

    with the burgers frying. You could smell that in the assembly, everybody was ready to eat.

    People started gett'in in line before the sessions ended. Then.....I could'nt get them done fast enough.

  • willyloman

    Best food ever: Went to a DC in Santa Rosa, Calif. held at a fairgrounds/race track. Some bro's had a portable BBQ operation they wheeled in and set up each a.m. During the morning session, the wonderful smell of barbecued ribs and chicken filled the air. You should have seen the stampede when we were dismissed for lunch!

    They were there for two days. On the third day, gone! Apparently the big cheese from Bethel determined this was too distracting and no one was concentrating on the spiritual food. So we relied on those old stand-bys, hoagies and burritos, on the weekend. I should have known then something was very wrong with an organization that lined life's simple pleasures up against the wall and shot them.

  • daystar
    I should have known then something was very wrong with an organization that lined life's simple pleasures up against the wall and shot them.

    Excellent analogy.

  • luna2

    willy, it was either because the WTS wasn't getting a cut, those bad dubs were leaving their seats before being dismissed, or because they just can't stand any sort of individuality. UGH!

  • Jankyn

    OOOH! I remember the half-cantalope and ice cream, too! Those were the best, especially after spending a hot afternoon at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene for the assembly.

    They also used to have Sno-cones, but my mother always made us get ours without syrup so we wouldn't spoil our meeting clothes by dripping on them. Yep, nothing like crunching on plain old crushed ice.


  • Brigid

    ICK!! I feel nauseous now. I'm quite a health conscious soul since I moved to Denver. I cannot believe that we were encouraged to pollute our bodies thus.

    Oh well. Thanks for the memories. I would never touch those fruit bags now--unless they switched to organic. LOL!


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