Fried chicken & and slice of white bread

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  • unclebruce

    Assembly food in Adelaide was pretty good, the best was the genuine spaghetti bolognese. I remember at the Divine Victory assembly in 1973 we used a home made steam engine to cook the spaghetti and three big gas coppers to create the sauce. Dad organised two older Italian sisters to get it just right. It was a huge hit with the 3,000 or so present but a big portion of the audience became drowsy and started nodding off half way through the afternoon session. I think the darlings had overdone the wine (and it was banned after that lol

  • anewme

    Willy you say such marvelously memorable things! Oh my!

    Yes, to get rid of the meals together! What a mistake and shame. That was so much of the fun! Sure it was a tremendous effort, but read here about the pleasant memories so many of us had of such huge meals together!!

    Food plays such a big part in our lives! Food and the pleasant times associated with it are our most cherished memories.
    And its true like the post here that the simplest of meals can bring back a flood of good memories of family and friends and youth and happiness.

    I am reading, in honor of St. Patricks day I guess, a book of about Irish Cooking. All simple, honest, plain eating, but filled with family and friends and stories and legends.
    Meals together are important to human beings, always have been.

    I wrote on another thread how mad I became at our witness lifestyle because it interfered on Tues. Thurs. nights and Sat and Sun mornings with family meals and time. So many times we allowed the meetings or congregational matters to interfere with our family meals.
    Having come from a broken dysfunctional family, this aspect of human life was/is very important to me.

    Now, family meals are one of the most important times of the day in our house, filled with ritual and candles, color, music and happiness.

    Thankyou for reminding me of another loss and aspect of the witnesses that changed over the years and why their org would never appeal to me now.

  • evita

    Hey Willyloman
    I was at that assembly! I was about 16 and helping out at the watermelon stand. It was so hot and tiring that I would go back to my seat and sleep the rest of the afternoon. My mom let me do this because I was a "volunteer".

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    ....and it was all washed down with a warm can of Shasta Lemon-Lime.

  • serendipity

    My Mom wasn't the best cook, and she was a health food nut on top of it all (wheat germ and dandelion greens anyone?). The one time we could eat ourselves sick of junk food was at an assembly, and we took full advantage of it. I loved the hoagies, chocolate pudding, danishes, slushy OJ and the Shasta Lemon Lime. It was a wonderful feast to a kid.

  • LDH
    They also used to have Sno-cones, but my mother always made us get ours without syrup so we wouldn't spoil our meeting clothes by dripping on them. Yep, nothing like crunching on plain old crushed ice.


    THAT is freaking hysterical.

    I think I will be in Sacramento next Saturday, I'll know tomorrow. I'll let you know.

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