What happened in the 80's?

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  • jwfacts

    The restrictions on alcohol always annoyed me. I was the only young person with a house in our cong, so everyone used my house for their parties, they organise it, I'd clean up. I hated it the organiser would forbide alcohol on the invitation.

    When Jesus turned water into wine it was after all the wine had already been consumed. He made enough to literally kill everyone if they drank it all, so trusted their self control not to go overboard. Why does the WTS not show similar trust.

  • truckerann

    In our cong. we use to have some great get-togethers, which is what we called them but all that has changed. No one wants to take the responsiblity for any wrong doing that might go on...apparently the person who organizes the event is the one who is held accountable if anything goes wrong...how were we suppose to control little johnny(an elder's son) from getting in his car and cruising main street when he was suppose to be at the get-together...especially since his own father couldn't control him....

  • Jamelle

    As a JW teenager during the early to mid 90's I happened to be in a congregation that did ALOT of things socially. There was skating every Sunday (and the girls and boys did hold hands during the couples skate) and then out to eat afterwards as a big group.

    A big to-do was always made out of graduation parties and some anniversaries. The girls occasionally had slumber parties. There was actually a congregation organized talent show once. There were also a couple of "formals" - basically substitute proms. I wasn't invited to the first one - but I was to the second one.

    I remember practicing swing dancing with some of the boys and being able to really "wow" people at the party.

    Then came the dealbreaker - someone hosted a big costume party. It wasn't at Halloween - but it was that general time of the year. Boy did the tounges start wagging then! There were never any big get-togethers after that. It kind of got shut down.

    Virgochik - I grew up in Indiana too, and it sounds like we were in a similar area. I was born in Michigan City and then we moved to South Bend when I was eleven.

    Oh, and just for the record, I call soft drinks "pop". My friends in the South call it "Coke" no matter what kind of soft drink it is. Funny, huh?

  • luna2

    I started hanging out with JWs around '85 (I think) and got baptized in the summer of '87. That congregation was still having all kinds of picnics and get-togethers in the late 80's/early 90's...I wanna say at least one congregation-wide event every month or two. I remember hearing that because of immorality at one of these JW shindigs that occurred someplace on the planet that the recommendation was to keep gatherings small and manageable. I want to say that our congo mostly ignored that directive.

  • juni

    You were in a more liberal-minded congo, luna. Be thankful for that.

  • OpenFireGlass
  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Thanks for that pic OpenFireGlass. It reminds me of a brother I knew who dressed like Don Johnson from Miami Vice. He looked like a complete dork coming to the meetings in his pastel blue suit and white T-shirt and his canvas shoes. He's an elder now. He lost the Miami Vice garb but he's still a complete dork.
    tall penguin

  • OpenFireGlass

    was I that dork, or what?...

  • seawolf

    Our skating parties got shot to hell in the late 1980s after some bitter bitch got mad and complained that dressing up like clowns was demonic (several dressed up as clowns in the FULL outfits to spice the party up. (I couldn't even tell it was them.. it was awesome). That was the last skating party for good. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetically sad.

  • MissBehave

    HEEELLLOOOO Brother Crockett!!! HA!

    OpenFireGlass, I'd say it was more like you were "adorkable". I would have tried to share your songbook.

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